Data Visualization using Tableau

Data visualization is a graphical representation of data points or information. Human minds are not capable of understanding huge volumes of numbers; however, by using charts and graphs, you can understand trends, pattern and extract meaning or insights out of data.

Salesforce Implementation with Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer report is a new feature introduced in Spring-17 release. The report provides recommendations on features which would help in optimized Salesforce implementation.

Wave: Show totals and display feature in value table

In Summer ’17 Release, Salesforce introduced Show Totals feature and Column Size configurations for value table. In general, value table in wave analytics is used to view the record –  level details. This article will discuss about the application of those new features in various business scenarios. 

External Lookup Relationship

An external lookup relationship is used to link child Standard, Custom, or External objects to a parent External object. External IDs are used to map the external lookup relationship with Parent external object.