Integrating Address Verification from To a Finish with Salesforce

Address Verification from To a Finish is used to verify and cleanse the address, email address, and phone numbers in the Salesforce automatically or by a button click. It is applicable for both standard and custom objects. It verifies both US and International addresses. This app works with the Address Cleansing service, SmartyStreets. By default, […]

Integrating HelloSign with Salesforce

Introduction:   HelloSign is an eSignature tool that helps us to get a signature from the recipient. The user can send a signature request by using a quick action or lightning component.  Prerequisites:  Install the HelloSign package from App Exchange. Install for all users and enable Grant Access to third-party Websites checkbox.  Sign-up the HelloSign account.  […]

Calendly integration with Salesforce

What is Calendly?   Calendly is an app used for scheduling meetings, appointments, and events.  The goal of Calendly is to cut back the back-and-forth email chain and reduce the time spend on email replies and on longer meeting preparation.  Calendly for Salesforce  The Calendly package for Salesforce has two flows. The logic of those flows […]

Publish a Platform Event Using Process Builder

Process Builder – Salesforce Configuration:  Platform events are part of Salesforce’s enterprise messaging platform. The platform supplies an event-driven messaging architecture to enable apps to communicate inside and outside Salesforce. A platform event has been defined in our Salesforce org. We can publish event messages from a Salesforce app using processes, flows, Apex, or an […]

Overview of Box integration with Salesforce 

Introduction:  Contents can be stored, managed, and securely shared with anyone and anywhere all over the world using Box integration. Box for Salesforce is used for sharing and managing the files with Salesforce in a secured manner. In this article, we can learn how to integrate Box Account with Salesforce to Create and share the […]

Single Sign-On Setup for Salesforce Community Portal Using Azure AD 

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication type that allows users to log in with a single username and password to any of several related, independent software systems. It allows you to validate usernames and passwords against your centralized database or other client application rather than having separate user passwords managed by Salesforce.  Benefits of SSO:  […]

Creating a Salesforce Support Community Using Napili Template

Napili is a powerful Salesforce Self-service Community template that lets your customers get answers/ideas by posting questions to the community, and search for and view the articles. If they don’t get any solutions/ideas they are looking for, they can submit a Case to Support.

Sandbox Overview

Salesforce allows you to create multiple copies of your production organization in separate environments for different purposes, like testing, development and training, without affecting data and applications of production instance. These copies are called Sandboxes.

Dynamic Forms in Salesforce

Dynamic forms transform static data entry into an intuitive experience. It gives the ability to configure record detail fields and sections inside the Lightning App Builder. It comes with a brand-new standard Lightning Component called “Field Section”. Components can be added to the page and selected fields will be added to the section and apply a filter if necessary (It’s a Summer’20 Release feature).