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Creating custom attributes on okta using Schemas API

Okta:           It provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, website web services and devices.  1.How to add attributes in user profile manually?  In the Directory session Click à Profile Editor. Profile Editor page will appear on the filter click […]

Connect And Schedule Reports with Google Sheet

Definition  By using Data Connector for salesforce, we can easily obtain records of Salesforce reports to Google sheet. We can additionally insert, delete, update, and refresh the Salesforce data from the google sheet itself. We can also import Salesforce data based on a custom SOQL Query.  Prerequisites  Salesforce org (Developer edition, Sandbox)  Google spreadsheet with […]

Retrieving and Updating Custom Notifications using Connect Rest API

Notifications any user receives that appear under the Notifications Bell Icon, unlike any other records in Salesforce, cannot be queried using SOQL or updated using DML statements.   When business requires us to show the notifications in a customized format in a custom component, it will be a challenge. These custom notifications can only be retrieved […]

Integrating Address Verification from To a Finish with Salesforce

Address Verification from To a Finish is used to verify and cleanse the address, email address, and phone numbers in the Salesforce automatically or by a button click. It is applicable for both standard and custom objects. It verifies both US and International addresses. This app works with the Address Cleansing service, SmartyStreets. By default, […]

Integrating HelloSign with Salesforce

Introduction:   HelloSign is an eSignature tool that helps us to get a signature from the recipient. The user can send a signature request by using a quick action or lightning component.  Prerequisites:  Install the HelloSign package from App Exchange. Install for all users and enable Grant Access to third-party Websites checkbox.  Sign-up the HelloSign account.  […]

Calendly integration with Salesforce

What is Calendly?   Calendly is an app used for scheduling meetings, appointments, and events.  The goal of Calendly is to cut back the back-and-forth email chain and reduce the time spend on email replies and on longer meeting preparation.  Calendly for Salesforce  The Calendly package for Salesforce has two flows. The logic of those flows […]