Create records using Scanner app

Vision-e scan app was created for Sales teams. It will create records through business cards. We can take a picture of the business card from the mobile. It will send the card to Salesforce and process it as a Contact or Lead by one more tap.  Prerequisites:  Steps to install the app:  How to use […]

Google Tag Manager in Salesforce

What is GTM?  Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known quickly and easily as tags on your website or mobile application.   Usually, GTM is used to track the users who visit different website pages. The Marketing team will further analyze based […]

Integrate BriteVerify with Marketo Form

BriteVerify is a contact (Email, Phone and Address) verification tool that provides secure and scalable validation. If a user enters an invalid email address in an email textbox, BriteVerify will check whether the entered email address exists or not. If it exists, it will show “Valid Email Address”. If it does not exist, it will […]

Usage Based Pricing – Salesforce CPQ

In Salesforce CPQ, you can create invoice for the customer, based on the usage of products.  We are going to see an example of Usage products and creating invoices based on the units/quantity consumed by the customer. This example will show how the Invoice total is calculated based on the number of units/quantities consumed by […]

Field Trip App

Introduction:  Field Trip App helps the Salesforce users to calculate the custom field’s health. It can be used to run the inbuilt report on objects to identify the unused fields and will keep the data clean. It will give us the percentage of how many records’ values are populated and provides overall health of data.  […]

Migrate to Flow Tool and Flow Debugging

Migrate to Flow Tool:  Salesforce has announced that they are going to deprecate (retire) workflows and process builders in future. So, they released a tool called Migrate to flow to convert existing workflows into flows.   Setup → Process Automation → Migrate to Flow  In Migrate to flow, we can see the existing workflows with objects […]

Creating custom attributes on okta using Schemas API

Okta:           It provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, website web services and devices.  1.How to add attributes in user profile manually?  In the Directory session Click à Profile Editor. Profile Editor page will appear on the filter click […]

Connect And Schedule Reports with Google Sheet

Definition  By using Data Connector for salesforce, we can easily obtain records of Salesforce reports to Google sheet. We can additionally insert, delete, update, and refresh the Salesforce data from the google sheet itself. We can also import Salesforce data based on a custom SOQL Query.  Prerequisites  Salesforce org (Developer edition, Sandbox)  Google spreadsheet with […]

Retrieving and Updating Custom Notifications using Connect Rest API

Notifications any user receives that appear under the Notifications Bell Icon, unlike any other records in Salesforce, cannot be queried using SOQL or updated using DML statements.   When business requires us to show the notifications in a customized format in a custom component, it will be a challenge. These custom notifications can only be retrieved […]