Conditional Rendering in LWC

Salesforce Lightning Web Components allows the capability to conditionally render components or elements. If a specific condition is met, the elements or components can be rendered.  Lightning Web Component has two directives for conditional rendering:  In LWC, the directives can be enclosed in a <template> tag as shown below:  <template if:true={expression}>    display when expression […]

Save and Resume Forms/Application in OmniScript

Enabling ‘Save and Resume’ functionality, the OmniScript can be paused and resumed without loss of filled data.  ‘Save and Resume’ functionality allows the users to pause the OmniScript and save it as links in an object record. Then, resume the OmniScript using the Saved link. Once the OmniScript is paused, the link to resume and […]

Navigate to Named Page Using Navigate Action – OmniStuido

Also, it enables to Navigate to the community page from the Omni script along with parameters passed to the page.  Navigation Action allows to navigate to various external web address, communities or to Salesforce to mobile apps. To Navigate to the Community page, the Named page or Community page in the PageReferenceType of the Navigation […]

Custom Notifications in Salesforce Flow

Flow Builder – Salesforce Configuration  Custom notifications in Salesforce are used to send custom bell notifications to notify when an important change or update occurs in your business. Salesforce Flow is one of the best ways to send custom notifications in a simple way without any piece of code.  Example   Let us consider a business […]

High Velocity Sales

Introduction  High velocity sales are a world of virtual sales, and it is important to move from traditional channels to digital channels. Email, Messaging, Video Conferencing, and Chat are the technologies used by the employees as part of their sales process. Sales cloud high velocity sales is a streamlined solution tailored to virtual sales teams […]

Einstein Analytics Data Recipe Transform Data Node

INTRODUCTION:  In this article, we are going to primarily focus on the Transform Node in the data Recipes.  Before that, here is brief information about Recipes as this is one of the two primary ways along with Dataflows to create datasets to use in the Einstein Dashboards.  Recipes are much simpler to develop and understand […]

Require Permission to View Lookup Fields (Critical Update)

We have a scenario to assign the record owner to a Queue based on some criteria. The non-admin users are unable to view the value of the Owner field once the Owner field is updated with the Queue. We found the root cause for this issue. One of the features of the Spring 20 release (Require Permission to View Record Names in Lookup Fields (Critical Update) causes this issue.

Permission Set Groups

Permission set groups combine selected permission sets to provide all the permissions that users need for their roles.

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is the study of algorithms that computers use to perform specific task without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning makes computers more like humans in terms of the ability to learn. This is one of the most exciting technologies actively used today in greater number of places than expected.