NUnit Framework

NUnit framework is an open-source unit testing framework in C#. It is an updated version of JUnit.

Excel Interaction Using ApachePOI

ApachePOI is an API built by Apache foundation and this API is used to perform read/write operations in Microsoft files (e.g.: MS-Excel, Word, and Power-Point).

Accessing Emails using IMAP

These days verifying the emails is quite natural in most of the applications. While doing automation for those scenarios, we might need the help of SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocols) protocols.

Protractor Framework

The Protractor is a test automation framework used to automate web applications. It supports end-to-end functional testing and adaptable for angular/non-angular applications.

Test Complete

Test Complete is one of the automated testing platforms and it is developed by Smart Bear Software. Test Complete mainly focuses on functional testing. By using this Test Complete, we can test applications of three major types: Desktop, Web and Mobile (Android or iOS).

Integrating Google Sheet with Selenium

In this Article, we are going to see how we can utilize Google sheet data for Test Automation. The important advantage is that now teams working from remote locations can use test data from cloud space.

Advanced User Interactions in Selenium

It is common that we execute some basic Selenium operations in application like click an element, select a value from dropdown, enter a value, clear the value etc.