Interoperability Testing 

Introduction:  Interoperability is an ability of a Software to interact with other Software. Mainly to exchange or share the information from one to another.  Interoperability testing is a form of non-functional testing. It is performed to ensure that the software has the ability of interacting with the other software. By doing this type of testing, […]

Codeless Test Automation: A Necessity

Introduction:  The practice of creating automated tests without writing a single line of code is known as codeless automated testing or codeless test automation. In general, separate teams in organizations may automate the process of building test scripts with codeless automation, regardless of their level of expertise.  In the worldwide digital system, the trend for […]

Exploratory testing

Exploring the application, understanding how each feature works, and based on understanding testing the whole application – It is exploratory testing.
Exploratory testing needs a tester to listen, read, think, and report, effectively and rigorously.

Mobile Responsive Testing

Mobile Responsive Testing is simply a Testing Process performed to make sure that your website or an app is working appropriately on all types of devices.
Whether it an app or website, they need to ensure that they are accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere.


The Configuration Testing is one of the categories under Software Testing. The combinations of Hardware Testing and Software Testing is simply known as Configuration Testing. An application or a system which is tested with random/multiple blending of Hardware and software which result in an application without any flaws.


Software testing is the process of validating and verifying the Software or Application or Program with the intent of finding the software Bugs. Once the software is developed, it should be tested properly before the system is delivered to the end users.

Qase is a Cloud based Test Case Management Tool

In the fast-growing IT industry, there are more need for tools to make the life of IT professionals easier. To serve that purpose we are going to look at a tool “QASE” – Test management tool which will be useful for the Testing process during the Testing lifecycle and will help both the Development and QA team.


TestRail is a Modern web-based test management tool introduced by ‘Gurock Software’. TestRail helps to manage our test cases and test results efficiently. Test reports in TestRail can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Regression Testing and Its Types

It is common that applications get modified for new features or bug fixes or maintenance work. These changes might affect the outcome such as broken features, bad performance, etc.