How to improve the performance of Visualforce Page

Whenever possible, try to use the declarative or standard feature such as Approval Processes, Visual Flows, and Workflows because these components are already fully optimized by the; therefore, it won’t count against most of the governor limits but in some cases business may need complex logic; then we can go for the programmatic features.

Angular JS in Visualforce Page

AngularJS is extensively used for developing mobile and web solutions. AngularJS can considerably reduce the development time and improve the page UI at the same time.

Templating with Visualforce

Visualforce provides tag to insert the entire content of a Visualforce page into another page. This is useful mainly when the same content needs to be used in multiple places. Template pages are Visualforce pages that include one or more components.

Visualforce Apex Chart Components

Visualforce apex chart gives an easy way to create customized business charts based on data sets using SOQL queries or by building the data set.

Re-render Visualforce page forms using apexRegion

ApexRegion is a Visualforce page tag that is used to increase the visualforce page performance. It rerenders only the necessary section of the page that allow us to make the form work without any issues.

Custom Related List Using Visualforce and Apex

Salesforce provides a standard related list for the child objects to be displayed in the detail page of the parent records. Visualforce pages can be used with standard controller and extensions to create a custom related list by customizing with Apex.