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Analytics Cloud – Creating Datasets

By: Venkata

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides powerful insights into the data by integrating with Salesforce data and external data sources like CRM, ERP, and CSV files. Analytics cloud has four major components: Datasets, Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps.

Datasets in the Analytics Cloud is the set of source data, and by using the Dataset Lenses can be created to explore data visually with Bar Chart, Pie Chart, and Donut Chart. Dashboards can be created with one or more Lenses and dynamic filters to drill down the data.

The Apps in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud are like folders that hold the Datasets, Lenses, and the Dashboards which can be private or shared.

The following two steps elaborate how to create Datasets with Salesforce objects and CSV files.

The first step is creating a Dataset with Salesforce Account Standard object with Account ID, Account Name, Annual Revenue and Billing City fields. While creating the Lenses using this Dataset, Annual Revenue can be used as a measure; Account Name and Billing City can be used for groupings and filtering.

The second step is creating a Dataset with CSV files; the mobile.csv file (for example) contains two fields: Mobile name, and Price with values. Once the CSV file is uploaded, the Dataset builder automatically creates an appropriate JSON file. While creating the lenses using this Dataset, measures are done based on the Price, and grouping & filtering are done based on the Mobile name and Price.

Steps to create Datasets with Salesforce objects:

  1. Open the Analytics app in the org.

analytics cloud

The window displays the existing Apps, Dashboards, Lenses and Datasets. It also contains tabs to navigate to other components.

  1. Navigate to Create → Dataset.

analytics cloud

  1. Enter the Dataset Name, select the App from the picklist, and select the Data Source as Salesforce.

analytics cloud

  1. The Dataset Builder window is open now; choose the Salesforce object from the list, click the + sign near the object, select the fields, and click the Create Dataset button.

analytics cloud

After clicking the Create Dataset button, the Salesforce Dataflow needs to be started to create the Dataset.

5. Click the wedge icon  at the top right, and select Data Monitor.

analytics cloud

  1. In the Default Salesforce Dataflow window, click the down arrow on the right and select Start.

analytics cloud

The Dataflow runs and shows the status as successful. Now, the Dataset is created.

7. The Account Sample Dataset appears in the Datasets list page.