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Automating Salesforce Testing with Robot framework

By: Venkata

Robot framework is an open-source automation framework, and it is implemented by Selenium with Python. It is executed by Jython (JVM) and Iron Python (.NET).  Robot Framework is an automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development testing.

The Robot framework supports data driven, keyword driven, and table-driven methods 


  1. Robot framework supports advanced keyword driven framework
  1. Dynamic variables are used, and scripts and custom keywords are reusable
  1. It supports test libraries including Selenium
  1. It is an open-source framework
  1. It provides simple and powerful test reports

Pre-requisite for Robot framework: 

Python should be installed with Selenium Installation, and then the robot framework and RIDE should be installed with python.


Executing Robot framework with python using “pypot” scripts. The scripts are executable in the automation frame work system.

RIDE can be open as a windows command as

This is the RIDE editor normal view. Here, we can import files like standard & external library, resource files, variables, Scalar variable, list and dictionary using the add import setting option.


Create a new lead record and convert the lead record; then verify the Lead values are mapped with Accounts, Opportunity and Contacts object fields.


We can import library files and resource in RIDE using setting option.