Basics of Financial Services Cloud

We may already have heard that we can’t make API calls directly from Lightning Components, and that those calls must be made via Apex. Well, today I needed to call the Tooling API from Apex, so I started coding something that I thought would be simple.


Financial Services cloud is a native app built on and can be installed in customer’s new  or existing Salesforce org to provide additional objects and functionality for Wealth Management, Banking, Insurance and so on.

Data Model of Financial Accounts of a Client:

Salesforce Financial Cloud

Installation of Financial Services:

The complete installation guide for Financial Services cloud can be seen and installed from Here.


Let us take an example of a Client -Alex Oanca and see how Data is represented in Financial Services Cloud.

Details about his dealings with his advisor such as investment objectives will be part of Alex’s account record.

Personal details such as Date of Birth, Tax id number or social security number will be the part of Contact record. Tasks, Calls and other SF communications  are related to Contact.

We can track House hold relationships of the Client also.

Salesforce Financial Cloud

We will able to see all the financial information of the client on the Accounts itself as we don’t need to navigate to any tabs.

Salesforce Financial Cloud

Salesforce Financial Cloud

House Hold Summary:

Salesforce Financial Cloud

We can also see Opportunities :

Salesforce Financial Cloud

Benefits of Financial Services over Sales cloud:

Financial Accounts helps to track customer’s investments, financial holdings, securities, bank accounts, insurance policies, assets, liabilities and financial goals.

A Few Challenges with Financial Services Cloud:

  • Financial Services Cloud does not support Person Accounts and new org should be created.
  • We can upgrade existing org (Non-Person Accounts), but account and contact record of individuals needs to be recreated because Financial Services Cloud does not allow for record type change.

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