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Chargent Payment Process for NPSP in Salesforce

By: Venkata

The Chargent Payment process is a Salesforce native credit card / ACH payment solution for a One-time billing OR Recurring billing. Chargent supports more than 30 payment gateways like PayPal, authorize.Net etc. it has customizable developer tools and optional API.

Chargent provides the complete control for your payment processing and it will manage everything right from where your customer data is stored.


Following items are required to install Chargent Payment processor.

  1. Salesforce Edition should be Enterprise or Performance / Unlimited Edition.
  1. Need to install Chargent Gateway Base Package in to your organization.
  1. Install Chargent Transaction packages for Opportunities, Cases or Chargent Orders.
  1. In this article we are using Opportunity for transaction packages Production & Sandbox.


This full article going to describe how to install & configure Chargent Payment Process with Paypal Payflow payment gateway. Please do the following steps to install the Chargent.

Step 1: Click the following link to install Chargent Gateway Base Package after entered the installation page you will get following details.

Install a Chargent with who are the user & who wants to access the Chargent payment process application

Step 2:

Click Check box to approve to provide Third-Party API to Access salesforce organization.

chargent payment processing

Step 3: 

Installing process for payment Gateway(Base)

chargent payment processing

Step 4:

Need to be Installed, Chargent Transaction packages (Opportunities Production & Sandbox) to make a donation over the payment gateways in Salesforce for a Non-Profit Startup package.

chargent payment processing

Step5: Install Chargent Transaction(Opportunities)

chargent payment processing

Step 6: 

After the all successful installations, Chargent Payment process needs to be configured with required details.

chargent payment processing

Step 7: 

After installing Chargent successfully, add Opportunity transaction to the tabs to track all opportunity records and transactions.

chargent payment processing

Step 8: 

Before configured the Chargent Payment Process, create new site to secure payment transaction and send payment requests over the email.

chargent payment processing

New site has been created and add the corresponding required pages to the site.

chargent payment processing

While you trying to make a payment request, please do the following steps to integrate Payment Request pages into the salesforce.

Go to Documents –> choose Chargent Payment Request for Opportunity folder in the document and click view to download.

Add the following Payment Request page, Cancel page, Failure page and Success page to the salesforce.

Payment process Visual force pages

  • Payment Request Page
  • Success Page
  • Failure Page.
  • Cancel Page.

chargent payment processing

Step 10:

Added the pages to the sites visual force page by clicking edit button.

chargent payment processing

Configure Chargent Advanced Setting: 

Now configure Chargent settings by adding the site URL into the Chargent Advanced Settings tab.

chargent payment processing

Configure Payment Gateway: Pay flow(PayPal)

Can easily connect to PayPal Pay Flow Pro payment gateway by using Chargent Payment Process, Because Chargent supports more than 30 payment gateways and it provide secure payment through Salesforce. More Secure credit transactions is possible by the combinations of salesforce & Chargent.

PayPal is an open secure payment gateway, it provides unlimited features by purchasing the merchant account. Can able to generate summary for each transaction and maintain each transaction as a monthly, weekly & yearly reports. This Payment process has very user-friendly payment console.

Configure & settings: 

We recommended to create PayPal test account it is separate from purchased pay flow account totally free account for testing purpose.

Payment process integration:

  1. Go to PayPal Pay flow pro test account and create the new test account for free test account in the PayPal Pay flow.
  1. You will reach the Getting started page and click continue to start the Registration page.
  1. Register the PayPal account with required fields.
  1. Activate the account.
  1. Now we have credentials for the test account so we can easily integrate to the Chargent Payment processer.