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Conga composer is an app used for sending a mass email by generating hundreds of letter documents, envelopes at once, and you can likewise create follow-up tasks, update fields on every record. This tool is a single click automated process.

Conga composer is an app used for sending a mass email by generating hundreds of letter documents, envelopes at once, and you can likewise create follow-up tasks, update fields on every record. This tool is a single click automated process.

It is available for some Standard and all Custom objects and available for the Salesforce editions, like Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance.

It supports Office 2016 (Mac 2016) & its earlier versions, and Adobe Acrobat XI & its earlier versions. Conga is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and IE (v. 9+) and is compatible with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Portals, Platform, Salesforce1 & Lightning.

conga composer

Once you have installed it on your organization, you should do some initial steps to make all features be available based on our business needs.

In the initial steps, you need to Create a Button or Link, gather Data, build Templates, and automate with Parameters.

You can retrieve data from Salesforce by using the search option, and after retrieving data, it merges the data into word template and produces hundreds & thousands of documents. Conga Mail Merge supports only Word templates.

Conga Mail Merge has several choices for searching Salesforce data. It has search option for

  1. Account
  2. Contact
  3. Lead
  4. Campaign
  5. Report
  6. Quick merge
  7. Conga queries

For searching Account, Contact, Lead, it retrieves available records based on search criteria and makes the fields on those records for merging. If you select a Campaign, then it retrieves all leads and contacts associated with campaigns and it makes all the fields on those records available for merging. If reports are not available, there is a possibility that reports are disabled.

When you are using a report as the data source for its operation, Conga Composer evaluates the content of the report and makes certain decision on that content. The key decision is whether the report is “Master Object Report” or a “Master – Detail Report”.

The master object is for when you want to create the documents that require data from a single object. It has only one column, namely the Salesforce Ids of the records in Salesforce you would like to fetch. This column is known as the master object id. For this type of report, Conga automatically retrieves all the fields from each record listed on the report. So, it’s not necessary to add any other columns.

Creating Master Object Report: 

Click the report tab and then new report.

Select the object for which you would like to create the report and click Create.

conga composer

Select the report format.

conga composer

For including columns, click and remove all columns, then add the ID for the master object, and add the corresponding object Id (Ex: Account ID, Contact ID…).

conga composer

Save the report to the Conga Reports folder.

conga composer

If you want to send a document to a group of accounts, the report you create for conga mail merge would contain a single column.

conga composer

In this step, as explained earlier, Conga automatically retrieves all the fields from each record listed on the report. So, it’s not necessary to add any other columns.

For example, if you select MASTER OBJECT ID COLUMN as Opportunity ID, then it will have the bonus fields like all Account fields for the related Account, all Contact fields for Primary Contact, and all Account fields for Primary Contact.

Creating a report without adding master object id field is not recommend because its ability to log the activity against those records won’t work.

Creating Master/Detail Report 

If you want to create a batch documents, it requires data from more than one object. If you want to print a batch of quote items, the objects would be Quotes and Quote Line Items. Master/Detail Report has more than one column. One column for Salesforce Id of the Master Object and another column would be from a related object.

The master column id is treated in the same manner as in an Object Report, namely, Conga Mail Merge, will automatically fetch all the fields from the object. Other columns of the report are made available for merging separate dataset.

Create and Store a Mail Merge Template 

After designing Mail Merge to retrieve the desired data from Salesforce, your next task is to create a merge template using Microsoft Word (Conga Mail Merge provisions only Word templates.)

After Creating the template in Conga Mail Merge, you need to pull the records from the salesforce.          To achieve that you need to create a Custom button to summarize the records.conga composer

Then, you need to copy the report id to create a custom button.

conga composer

By clicking on the Custom button created above.  you need to click on the View data on the Conga composer to save the reports.

If you need a detail region to automatically expand the accounts to the number of opportunities. To accomplish this, we need to create a table start and field from the data set and then pull the fields from the excel sheet where the opportunities report was saved.

Choose the Word template from the computer by clicking on the Conga composer and merge the word document, so that it gets automatically merged and the output will be delivered in the below format.


You can use the Conga Composer to merge the templates and the reports to reduce the workload. Conga Composer also sends the mass e-mail by generating hundreds of documents and envelopes at once.

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