Create Interactive Email Template in Salesforce using Email Template Builder

Email Template Builders feature was released in Salesforce Winter’21 that allows us to create email templates easily and faster using visual tools. 

New Features in Email Template builder: 

  1. Standard elements available to be added are: 
  1. Button 
  1. Image 
  1. Rich Text 
  1. HTML 
  1. Row 
  1. Allows for creating multiple columns within frames 
  1. Uses HTML features such as Tables without making the entire template using HTML 
  1. Included for all salesforce editions 
  1. View as desktop or mobile email 

Points to Avoid Spam Catchers: 

  1. Use Salesforce Exchange Relay to send emails through the server and through the Salesforce server 
  1. Provide a way to Unsubscribe (using Form Assembly) 
  1. Minimize clicking links 
  1. Minimize HTML codes, color, and font colors. 
  1. Minimize graphic elements, since many are blocked by email clients such as outlook. 
  1. Use as few fonts as possible. 

Permissions needed: 

  • Create a Salesforce Developer Org or Sandbox with Winter ‘21 release. 
  • Enable the Access drag and drop content builder and Manage Public Lightning Email templates checkbox under permission set. 
  • To manage the email templates under folder structure, we must enable the ‘Folder and Enhanced Sharing’ setting in the salesforce org. 

Steps to create Lightning Email Template Builder 

Step 1: 

In the App launcher, search for email and then click at top of email templates 

Step 2: 

Next, click the button ‘New Email Template’ 

Step 3: 

Specify the Email Template Name, the Related Entity Type (any Object), Folder, Subject of the email and the Letterhead. 

Note: Email Template Name is mandatory; the other fields can be specified only If needed. 

Step 4: 

Click the Save button 

Step 5: 

Once the Lightning Email Template has been created, we can see the Edit in Builder button available at the top right corner. 

Click the ‘Edit in builder’ button to navigate to Email Template Builder where we have the option to use Standard Components like Button, HTML, Image, Rich Text, and various layout options like 1 column,2column, 2coulumn (1:3),2 column (3:1),3 columns,4 columns. 

We also have the option to choose background color, body color and provide the background image URL. 

To make the email reader easily understandable, we can make use of image, buttons, and rich text feature available in email template builder. We also have the provision to use HTML based email templates, use merge fields, and add styles for the email templates using the email template builder. 

Desktop View: 

Mobile View: 

In this sample email template, we used Buttons, Images, Rich Text, HTML. We can either drag one by one elements and drop into the canvas or we can either click the Plus icon inside the canvas to add the components. Styles has also been added using the style tab. The email template is now ready to send. 

Cons:Email Template Builder provision cannot be used in the Classic and Lightning email templates those created before

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