Create records using Scanner app

Vision-e scan app was created for Sales teams. It will create records through business cards. We can take a picture of the business card from the mobile. It will send the card to Salesforce and process it as a Contact or Lead by one more tap. 


  • Install the Vision-e scan app from the Play Store. 
  • Also, install the Vision-e scan app in the Salesforce environment 

Steps to install the app: 

  • After the installation process, choose Salesforce Contacts & Leads and click Next. 
  • Select the environment where the scan app is installed and tap on Add a new domain. Enter the org URL and label. 
  • After entering the org URL and label, click Login. 
  • Login button will redirect to the login page where the user needs to enter username and password for the org. 
  • Once the user logs in, they will see a page like below. 

How to use Vision-e scan app? 

  • In the home page, click Business Card and scan the business card. 
  • After scanning the business card, the user will see a page like below. 
  • Click Finish & Send to Salesforce. 

How to create Contact or Lead? 

  • Open the Scanning Queue object in Salesforce. 
  • The user can create Contact or Lead by clicking Create Contact or Create Lead button. 


  • Records get created in the Salesforce by scanning the business cards. 
  • The user can also attach notes/signatures, log a call, add a task, create a case, and record voice. 


    The Vision e-scan app has direct integration with Salesforce to transfer business card information. Also, it has mapping functionality within Salesforce.

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