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Creating a Salesforce Support Community Using Napili Template

By: Venkata

Salesforce Napili is a powerful Self-service Salesforce Community templates that lets your customers get answers/ideas by posting questions to the community, and search for and view the articles. If they don’t get any solutions/ideas they are looking for, they can submit a Case to Support. Since the Napili template has rich User Interface, you can create an effective, attractive and interactive Community.

First, to create a Community, you must enable the community in your org. Follow these steps to create the Community:


1. Setup ->Customize->Communities ->Settings

2. Enable the ‘Enable Communities’ checkbox

3. Enter name for domain and check for availability

4. Click Save

After enabling community, you can create a community as explained below:

1. Setup -> Customize -> Communities -> All communities

2. Click the New Community button. It will redirect to standard Community template page. Select the Napili template as shown below.

3. After choosing the community template, enter the name of the Community as below.

Community Management

After successful creation of the Community, you can control the Community by using the community management.

1. In the Members tab, you can specify which user can access the community. Here, you can add the Profile and Permission Sets for the Community access.

2. In the Tab section, you can add objects needed for the Community

3. Branding tab is used to set the Header and Footer. You can change the background of the Header


4. In the Login & Registration section, you can set Header logo and Footer text for the Community; can    enable the self-registration feature; can set the pages for Login, Forgot Password, and Change Password.

5. In the Emails section, you can change the From Name, Email Address and Templates for Forgot Password,     Change Password, and Case Comment.

6. Preferences section is used to enable the nick name for community users. Also, you can enable the reputation level access.

7. The Pages section has new changes from Summer 15 release. It has advanced customization of the site and studio

Now, you will see how to customize the Napili Self-service template by using the Community builder.

1. Click the Launch Community Builder button to customize the Napili template.

2. After all customization is complete, you need to activate the Community for public use.

Community Builder

Community builder is used to design a Community based on business needs without any coding efforts. Any organization that uses Community will choose their own Logo, Header image, background image, font style, color of the font, images to the topics for community, and more. Now, you are going to see how to set up these components using Community Builder.

The community builder consists of two editors to design the community:

  • Branding Editor

  • Page Editor

Branding Editor

Branding Editor is used to modify the look and feel of the existing template and its components. For example, it can be used to replace the logo and add a custom header and footer.

Page Editor

Page Editor is used to customize the attributes in the page. For example, it can be used to change text labels on the existing page.

Setting up Background for Login Page

You can set the background for the login page using the Branding Editor.


1. Click the Branding Editor icon.

2. Select the page you want to customize.

3. Click inside the box; SF will instruct you to upload the image.

Setting up Header and Logo

You can set up Header and Logo using the Branding Editor.


1. Click the Branding Editor icon

2. Select the Home page to set the Header and Logo

3. Click the Company Logo box; SF will instruct you to upload the image for Logo

4. Click the Header Image box; SF will ask you to upload the header image.

Changing the Font Color and Style

You can use any Font color, and also change the font style for each page separately.


1. Click the Branding Editor icon

2. Select the page you want to change the color of the font

3. Here, you can set individual color for each component; for example you can set one color for links, and another one for normal text, and an another one for Action.

Changing Existing Labels

By using Page Editor in the community builder, you can change the Labels for each page in the community.


1. Click the Page Editor

2. Select the page you need to change the labels

3. Click any component you need to change the Label

4. In the Property Editor, you can change the labels

Adding Images to Topics:

Adding different images to different topics is one of the ways to attract the Community members. You can set individual image for each and every topic in the community.


1. Go to the Community Management page

2. Click Topics ->Featured Topics

3. Select the Topics from the picklist; then click Add

4. Click the edit icon next to the added topic; there will be a place to upload images for the     selected topic

5. Click Save after uploading the image.


Before you do the above, you should create some Topics under Navigational Topics section; then only the Topics will be available in the picklist under the featured topics section.

Setting Header Image based On Topic

A Community can have any number of topics to discuss, and you can set the header images for each topic as you like.


1. Go to the Community Management page

2. Click Topics ->Navigational Topics

3. Click the edit icon next to the Topics for which you want to add the image; there will be a     place to upload images for the selected topic

4. Click Save after uploading the image.

To read about more community builder, please refer this link: Salesforce Community Builder


Napili is a template for building an effective and a powerful Salesforce Support Community. By using this template, you can build the Community quickly and can customize easily.