Custom Email Archiving

When using Email-to-case in Salesforce, most of the time we may hit the org storage limit, since # of emails are increasing day by day. Here are the few options to increase the org storage. 

  • Delete the Unnecessary/old files & data 
  • Get additional Storage 
  • Archive old files/Data 

Here, we are going to see the last option: Archive the Email Message records (for the older closed cases) to increase the org storage.  

We have a custom Option to archive Emails using Apex. 

Flow for the implementation: 

We can schedule the batch class daily to automatically archive the emails and free up some space in our Salesforce org. 


Case before archiving:  

Case Emails Before Archiving: 

Case Email Message Files: 

Case Chatter post Before Archiving: 

Execute the batch: 

Case Record After Archiving: 

Case Emails After archiving: 

Files After Archiving: 

Case Comments After Archiving: 

Created PDF: 

Email after batch completed: 


  • Even though archiving reduces data storage, our PDF files occupied the org files storage. In step 2, we need to move the created Pdf from Salesforce by using s3- link and other similar managed packages. 


  • Within the single PDF document, an agent can get 360 views & detailed history of the case. They can see the emails, attachments, Chatter details within the pdfs. 

Sample Code: 

Please refer to the GitHub link below for full code:  

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