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Customize Dataset metadata using XMD (Extended Meta Data) in Wave Analytics.


We can modify the Lens and Dashboards in Wave Analytics by using JSON files; however, instead of doing changes in the JSON file for each Lens and Dashboard, we can easily modify the dataset with the help of XMD, and it will apply all the XMD file changes to the corresponding Lenses and Dashboards. XMD file is in JSON format and is used to customize the formatting of Wave Analytics Dashboard elements.  It will work outside of the Wave analytics Salesforce Organization and has a separate login UI, but we can use the same Wave Analytics Salesforce login credential. Refer this link to learn more about XMD.


A dataset may have one or more Lens and Dashboard with different type of information.

Step 1

  1. To install Dataset utils from GitHub to your local system. Please click here
  2. Once you click this link, the following page will appear.
  3. To download the new version of the Dataset Utils, just click on 32 Releases.


Before installing this XMD into your local system, make sure that you have installed the JDK.

custom metadata


Use this link to know more about the Installation procedures.

Step 2

Once you have clicked the Dataset Utils Zip file, it will automatically install Dataset Util in your local system.

custom metadata

  1. If you use Mac system, then just right click on the Run [Symbol] Click Open Option.

If you use Windows System, then double click on the Run

  1. Now, the following Command prompt window will automatically run, and it will open a separate browser tab in your default browser.

custom metadata

Step 3

Here, we need to provide our Wave Analytics Salesforce Login Credential.

custom metadata

Then, we can see what are all the datasets created in our Wave Analytics Salesforce org, by clicking the Dataset List.

salesforce custom metadata types

  1. Here, I am selecting the Product Opportunity Dataset to customize its metadata.
  2. Click on the Action Option [Symbol] It will display the following three options:

1. Download Metadata JSON

2. Edit XMD

3. Delete

Step 4

Click on the Edit XMD option.

salesforce custom metadata types

  • After the Edit XMD option is clicked, it will redirect to the following JSON file page. The JSON file contains different properties like Values Query Column, Hide Measures, Types, etc.