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DocuSign Connect Using Custom Button in Salesforce

By: Radha

DocuSign is an effective and flexible third party tool to keep the bond between businesses and customers by integrating with Salesforce. This article explores more about configurable steps to integrate DocuSign with Salesforce in a much simpler way.

  1. Types of DocuSign Account
  2. Setting up Connect in DocuSign
  3. Creating Custom Tags
  4. Templates
  5. Custom Button Parameters
  6. Demo

Types of DocuSign Account 

There are two types of DocuSign Accounts available. They are:

  1. Developer Sandbox
  2. Production

Developer Account 

  1. Developer Sandbox is the demo account used to test our functionality and then move it to production instance once everything is working fine.
  2. Free Account
  3. Developer Sandbox login URL:

Production Account  

  1. Main account used to synchronize with Salesforce Production.
  2. Paid Account
  3. Production Account login URL:

Creating the DocuSign Developer Account 

To create a developer account, you need to go to following URL and fill in the details needed and click on “Get Started”.


Setting up Connect in DocuSign 

Once you have logged in to the DocuSign account, you will find the Preference or account settings to set up the connections. On the top right corner of the DocuSign Account, click on Your name > Preference > Account Administration > Connect.


Custom Tags  

Custom Tags are only supported in certain DocuSign plans. Custom Tags are customized fields that you can create and use in the envelopes. To create a custom tag, go to Preference > Member Options > Custom Tags. Click the Add button.