DocuSign PowerForm

The PowerForm is a way to create a self-service document for signature without writing any code. A PowerForm is initiated from a unique, secure URL that you make available for signers to complete.
Create your base Template
  • From the Templates page, click NEW and select Create Template.
  • Then, upload your source document to create a template
To create a PowerForm
  • PowerForm Administrator is mandatory to create a powerform.
  • From the Templates page, select any template you want to use for your PowerForm.
  • Click the actions menu and select Create PowerForm.
  • Once the PowerForm is created, copy the URL of the form and place it in your button to call the powerform as mentioned below

 <form action=”POWERFORM URL” method=”POST”><input class=”form_submit” type=”submit” value=’Click here for the Verification form.’/> </form>

  • For creating powerform, recipient name and email should blank.
  • Role field is mandatory to create a powerform.
  • Default authentication will be skipped if we use the standard Name and Email field in the template.
Field mapping in powerform
  • Once the power from is created, click on the Admin tab at the top of the screen
  • Select Connect on the left sidebar, and then click on the Salesforce Configuration.
  • Select the New Object button and select Salesforce Object as mentioned below.
  • If the mapping wants to trigger when the powerform is completed, then check the “On Completed Envelope Only” checkbox
  • Select Salesforce Object dropdown box defines Salesforce objects. So, select the Salesforce object where there the field update needs to be happen.
  • Where Condition will check the records needed to be updated as mentioned below.
  • fields represent respective fields for above mentioned object in Salesforce.
  • DocuSign fields represent Standard fields and Custom fields used in powerform
  • Attach DocuSign envelop and certificate check box that will allow us to store attachment as pdf in Salesforce.

Create PowerForm :Create a PowerForm – DocuSign eSignature User Guide | DocuSign Support Center

Prepopulate values:

Field mapping:

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