Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Lead scoring is an efficient part of Sales Cloud Einstein. It is simple, faster and more accurate than the other rules-based lead scoring approaches. .

Einstein Lead scoring is an efficient part of Sales Cloud Einstein. It is simple, faster and more accurate than the other rules-based lead scoring approaches. Einstein analyses the historic leads and determines which new leads have the similarity with successfully converted historic leads. This feature adds the lead scoring field to leads. Einstein lead score lets the sales reps prioritize Leads that by ranking leads based on the attributes of previously converted leads.

The lead score displays on the lead detail page. If it is added to the list views, it shows the following details.

  1. Information about score.
  2. The lock symbol indicates it is read only.
einstein lead scoring

Fig 1: Factors about Lead Score 

einstein lead scoring

Fig 2: Lead Score is read only 

Key Features: 

  • Einstein lead scoring shows which leads are suitable for company’s affluent conversion standards.
  • It increases connection and conversion rates.
  • Finds best leads quickly.
  • Observes the lead score factors.

The general considerations for sales Cloud Einstein: 

  • Sales Cloud Einstein is only for the users who have standard Salesforce license.
  • When you purchase the Sales Cloud Einstein, Salesforce installs two packages: SalesforceIQ Cloud and Sales Insights which provides insights to our org.
  • Platform encryption is not supported.

Considerations for setting up Einstein Lead scoring: 

  • At least 1000 leads were created in Salesforce org in the last six months.
  • Of the lead created in the last six months, minimum 120 were converted with opportunities created during conversion.
  • Sales reps have read access to company, phone, and email fields on leads.
  • Don’t install Apex classes that refer the ScoreIntelligence field in Einstein Lead Scoring until Einstein Lead Scoring enablement is complete.

Enable Einstein Lead Scoring: 

Step 1: Go to setup, enter setup assistant under Sales Cloud Einstein.

einstein lead scoring

Fig 3: Select Setup Assistant 

Step 2: Click Get Started. It shows all the steps and the list of Einstein users. Einstein users only can use all Einstein features including lead scoring.

Step 3: Click Set Up next to Einstein lead scoring. Then, click Set Up Now.

Step 4:  Select the lead conversion milestones that are suitable for business. Like create opportunity when a lead is converted or just convert the lead to accounts and contacts.

Step 5: Click Enable.

Step 6: In lightning app builder, add the lead score component in lightning pages for leads. In classic, add lead score field to lead page layouts.

Step 7: Add the lead score field to lead list views after the insights are available.

Lead scores are available for up to 24 hours. So, the users can see the scores and factors on the Einstein lead score.





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