How Does the Einstein Search Feature Help? 

How “Search” works typically in Salesforce? 

                A global search allows the users search for records with the field values like the Name field. For example, the account’s name, named ABC company, can be searched, and found if it is present in the Org.  

What is the difference with Einstein Search? 

               A standard Search is efficient, but it is not personalized and cannot work with Natural Language Processing. With the help of Einstein search, we can get the relevant output in no time.  

Each search result is specific to what is needed for the company and how it is related to the individual. For example, a sales executive will find records relevant only if related to sales and not service. 

Einstein Search Features: 

    The three key features include: 

               1) Personalization: 

               2) Actionable Instant Results: 

               3) Natural Language processing: 

  1. Personalization: 
  • Recent accounts and other objects can be searched directly. 

                   Recently created records or recently viewed records can be found with the help of Einstein search, which helps in saving a lot of time and effort. For example, we can take out recently created Account records from the list that appears on the search bar even before we search it and make changes like editing any field needed.  

  • Getting the most relevant search for each user. 

       Personalization is a significant key feature. A user does not need to search on records that are not related to them. Finding the records which are only related to them helps in searching within a specific set of data, and it is a contributing factor to timesaving. 

2) Actionable Instant Results: 

  • Instantly access record previews, actions, quick links, and suggested searches. 

             Einstein search enables us to find the records we searched for, quickly navigate them, and start editing without spending much time. We can also access related List Quick Links quickly, which are available on the same page; hence we do not need to navigate to another page. 


  • Creation of new records in related records is possible. 

              We can create child records or related records quickly since they are available on the same page. 

3) Natural Language processing: 

  • Find information using common words. 

     Common words can also be used to get the exact content related to our search.  

For example, ‘My closed Opportunities’ can be used to find the current records related to that user. Hence, the closed opportunities can be filtered up to a level related to a specific user who has logged in and who is searching. 

Sample Nature Language Query: 

  1. Lead rating: warm 
  1. My opportunities  
  1. Name of any city example: TRICHY  
  1. Name of company Example: MST solutions.  
  1. Based on contact title Example: Technical analyst  
  1. Email id. 
  1. Name of the account alone. Provides all related records. 
  1. Works the same for custom objects.      


Einstein search is not available in Classic 

How to enable Einstein search in the org? 


  1. Go to set up.  
  1. Type Einstein Search  
  1. Enable Einstein Search  
  1. Tick all the three boxes.  
  1. Save  

Now, we have successfully enabled Einstein Search in our org.  

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