Integrate BriteVerify with Marketo Form

BriteVerify is a contact (Email, Phone and Address) verification tool that provides secure and scalable validation. If a user enters an invalid email address in an email textbox, BriteVerify will check whether the entered email address exists or not. If it exists, it will show “Valid Email Address”. If it does not exist, it will show “Invalid Email Address”.  It’s easy to use and delivers consistent results. It will be applicable for the Phone and Address fields also. 

Why Need BriteVerify? 

By using BriteVerify, you can get mailable leads, reach more people, and communicate effectively with the leads and most importantly avoid duplicate leads before they enter into your CRM database. It validates the email address instantly before the user submits the form. 

How to integrate? 

Once you purchased BriteVerify, you can use Briteverify API document to integrate with Marketo Forms.  

Step 1: Create a Marketo form with a few fields and add a Rich Text field. 

Step 2: Click HTML and Add JavaScript code. 

Step 3: Click Apply, Save, and approve the Marketo form to use it in website. 

Step 4: Place Marketo form in a HTML page and run it (Page will be look like below). 

Step 5: Enter an invalid email in the email textbox.  

From the above screenshot, shows as an invalid email address because is a registered domain but ramar.a user is not available. So briteverify shows the above result. 

Step 6: Enter a valid email in the email textbox.  

From the above screenshot, shows as a valid email address because is a registered domain and ramar user is available. So, briteverify shows the above result. 


Using Briteverify, businesses can get real leads without any duplication in their database and reach more people. To learn more, please visit here: Briteverify.

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