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Integrating .Net Console Application with Salesforce via SOAP API

By: Radha

Nowadays, the businesses search for the modern trend/environment to collaborate with clients and integrate their existing enterprise systems with the Cloud based service such as Salesforce platform. So, let us see, how to integrate the Salesforce with Microsoft .Net applications using SOAP API.

This is a common integration method required to run on any Microsoft .NET supported platforms. The following steps are involved to establish the connection with Console application.

• Generate an API WSDL in Salesforce
• Add a Web service reference to the .Net application
• Establish API reference within Salesforce

Generating an API WSDL in Salesforce: 

Step 1: WSDL files are retrieved via the standard user interface in Salesforce organization by logging into and navigating to Setup > Develop > API. Choose the appropriate Enterprise WSDL.

Step 2: Click the Generate button.

After that, you will receive the WSDL file in XML format. Store the below generated file in your local system.

Add the Web service reference to the .Net application:

Step 3: Reference the generated file in the Visual studio console application.

Step 4: Add the endpoint URL to the SOAP API Service Reference.

Step 5: Click the Add Web Reference button.

Step 6: Enter the Salesforce user credential details used for the Integration purposes.