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Kanban Board Improves Sales process

Kanban view in Salesforce is a new enhancement introduced in Spring 16. It is a tool mainly used for calculating the Opportunity amount automatically based on the stage value in Opportunity.

Updating Opportunity amount in opportunity record in salesforce classic view is a time-consuming process; so, instead Kanban board can be used to change Opportunity stage just by dragging the Opportunity hence this helps Sales managers to track sales in pipeline, and Sales reps can close the deal faster.

It is available only in Lightning Experience.
Case Study: 

A Sales rep needs to update Opportunity stage within the Opportunity record. It is difficult for managers to monitor the Sales pipeline, and it is difficult for Sales reps to move deals faster. Let us see how Kanban board helps mangers and Sales reps.

Shape Step 1: 

Click Opportunity Icon->Select a list view.

Step 2: 

Click Display As Icon and select Kanban.

Step 3: 

In the Kanban view, the Opportunity records are grouped based on their Stage.

kanban board

  1. Opportunities are displayed by stages.
  1. By just dragging the Opportunity, the Opportunity’s stage is updated.
  1. If there are no Open activities, Task/Event can be created for the Opportunity just by clicking the link.

Using the above steps, Opportunities can be monitored easily and deals can be moved faster.


Kanban board paves an easy way for managers to monitor Opportunity pipeline and helps reps to close deals faster than ever before. It is obvious that Kanban optimizes work, increases productivity & balances workload evenly.

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