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Lightning Bolt Customization in Salesforce

By: Venkata

What is Lightning bolt? 

A Lightning bolt solution is an exported community template and it consists of theme layout and CSS, along with pages, content layouts and lightning components.

Community Templates in salesforce 


Koa is specially made for mobile devices. It is used to create text-oriented community template and it allows the users to search and view the articles. If a user has trouble finding what they are searching for, they can contact the support agent by creating the case.


Kokua is the visually rich and self-service template and lets the user to search and view the articles. If they couldn’t find anything related to their search, they can submit a case through contacting the support agent.


Aloha is the template that is available as an adaptable App Launcher. Since it has the single sign-on feature, this template has a feature that empowers the users to search and find the applications and access them by using the Single-on authentication.

4.Salesforce Tab + Visualforce 

Build a custom community using standard salesforce structure and tabs that can be fully customized using Visualforce.

5.Customer Service (Napili) 

It permits the customers to search for articles and able to view the existing articles. The users can post their questions to the community, as well as If the users couldn’t find anything related to their search, they can submit the case by contacting the support agent. This template has lot of unique features like Exporting and packaging.


Implementation of Lightning bolt solution 

1.Enable the communities in your org. 

  • From Setup, enter Communities Settings in the Quick Find/Search box, then select Communities Settings.
  • Click the ” Enable communities ” checkbox.
  • Enter the domain name to use for your communities, then click Check Availability to check it’s not already being used, then Click Save.


lightning bolt customization

2.Creating the community 

  • Enter ‘All Communities’ in the quickfind box, and click ‘New communities’, Community templates will be available there.
  • Since Customer Service (Napili) is the only template that has the feature of  exporting and packaging, choose the napili template to install

lightning bolt customization

  • After choosing the Napili template, click “Get Started ” button, then enter the community Name and enter the unique URL, and click the create button.

3.Customizing the Template 

Go to community workspace and customize the community template using builder option. Builder section contains the following.

  • Components  

In the component part, there will be many components available including Case List, Rich Content Editor, and Visualforce Page. We can also download the components from App Exchange.

  • Branding 

In branding section, we can add the branding such as change the Text color, Link color, also can change the company logo as well as header image.

  • Page Structure 

Contains the page structure and all components list which we have used in our template and we can directly edit the properties of those components.

  • Settings 

It is easy to export the customized template and use it as a base for creating new communities, or package and distribute to others to reuse.

4.Accessing the template dynamically

  • Created a Custom Object and added the necessary fields as per the requirements.
  • Added the separate records for each user.
  • Created the Visualforce page and wrote the logic in controller to call the corresponding record values dynamically based on specific logged in user.
  • Here, we have attached the sample code which will call the corresponding custom field values dynamically based on the logged in user information.


lightning bolt customization

/* CODE: APEX */

lightning bolt customization

  • After creating your Visualforce page and the Controller, Go to [Symbol] Builder[Symbol] Components [Symbol] Click the [Symbol] Visualforce page component and drag and drop this component in the page anywhere where you want display the image.
  • Then, edit the properties of that Visualforce page and select the corresponding Visualforce page you like to display as shown like below image.

lightning bolt customization

5.Exporting the template 

Go to the Builder [Symbol] settings [Symbol] Developer [Symbol] Export a Solution

The exported template name should be unique.


lightning bolt customization

 6.Packaging the Template 

  • Exported template will be available in Lightning bolt solution