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Log a Case in Salesforce with Chatter-to-Case

Chatter posts in Salesforce can be logged as Cases by using the managed package Chatter-to-Case. This helps the user to log a Case just by posting the # tag with some keywords. To experience this feature, install the managed package in your SF org and grant access rights to all users when prompted.

Steps to configure the Chatter-to-Case functionality.

  1. Add “Chatter” as a picklist value for the Case Origin field.salesforce chatter
  1. Create an active Case Auto-Response rule.salesforce chatter
  1. Add a rule entry to respond to all cases where Case Origin equals “Chatter”.Image
  1. Display Case Origin URL to get fast navigation to the original post, by adding the field to your page layouts!

salesforce chatter

  1. Tailor the app with your own vocabulary by adding picklist values to Case Origin Hashtag, and it is instantly recognized by Chatter-to-Case!salesforce chatter

The picklist values can be any value specified by the user. Once the configuration steps are complete, users can post in Chatter with the # tag along with the picklist value and the description.

salesforce chatter


Post a comment on the chatter using the # tag and the picklist value and it gets logged as a Case.

salesforce chatter

The chatter post gets logged as a case and will be available in the Subject and the Description of the case.