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Manage Members in Campaign

Campaign management in Salesforce enables effective Lead Generation and Brand Building, and helps easily track the results of the Campaign.

Manage Members: 

Campaign members are created/added from Lead, Contact, or Person Account records. Salesforce provides a variety of ways in which you can manage your campaign members. You can add members to a campaign one at a time from Contact or Lead detail pages. You can search for or add or edit multiple leads and contacts from the Manage Members page.

1. Add Members: 

You can add more members to a campaign using the “Add Member” tab. Using this tab, you can add members from SF database (Leads and Contacts records).

Below are the steps and screenshots to add a member using the “Add Members” option.

Step: 1.1 Click the Campaigns tab and create a new Campaign.

manage members in campaign

Step: 1.2 Click Manage members>>Add Members

manage members in campaign

Step: 1.3 Select Leads / Contacts and specify the Filter Criteria accordingly; so, a list of members will be displayed to be added.


Step: 1.4 Select the Status (“Sent”, for example) from the dropdown. All Contacts added will have the Campaign Status as Sent.


Step: 1.5 Success message will be displayed after the members are added to the Campaign

manage members in campaign

Step: 1.6 Count of the number of members added is displayed in Total Leads field on the Campaign object

manage members in campaign

Now, let us see how Converted Lead counts are shown on the Campaign detail page.

Step: 1.7 Click the Leads tab, and select an existing Lead.