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Mass Reassign Teams


Mass Reassign is a tool to reassign the team members of Account and Opportunity teams. This feature is available only for Accounts and Opportunities.  An account team is a team of users who work together on an account to track collaboration of account-related activities easily.

Enabling Mass Reassign Account Teams 

To enable, Mass Reassign Account Teams for your organization,

Go to setup [Symbol] Quick find [Symbol] Account Teams [Symbol] Check Account Teams Enabled[Symbol] Select page layouts for which the Account Team related list should appear [Symbol] Click save

Enabling Mass Reassign Opportunity Teams

To enable, Mass Reassign Opportunity Teams for your organization,

Go to setup [Symbol] Quick find [Symbol] Opportunity Team settings [Symbol] Check Enable Team selling [Symbol] Select page layouts for which the Opportunity Team related list should appear[Symbol] Click save


Before using the Mass Reassign Account Teams tool, the prerequisites to be followed are:

Prerequisite 1: Setting up team roles

Based on the requirements, create the type of roles to be a part of the team. By default, Salesforce provides certain roles.

mass reassign teams

If new roles to be added,

  1. Go to setup [Symbol] Quick find [Symbol] Account Team [Symbol]  Team Roles [Symbol] Click New button
  1. Enter one or more picklist values.
  1. Click Save to get the picklist values reflected in the Team roles list view.

mass reassign teams

Prerequisite 2: Setting a Default Account Team

Often, we may work around the same team for many accounts. Instead of adding each team member every time, a default account team can be created.

To set up default team,

  1. Home page [Symbol] My settings [Symbol] Personal [Symbol] Advanced user details [Symbol] Default Account Team [Symbol] Click Add
  1. Specify the team member from the lookup field.
  1. Specify the level of access for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases.
  1. Select the team role from the picklist values.
  1. Click save

mass reassign teams


  1. For Default Opportunity Team, only the access level for Opportunities is available
  1. The role that is mentioned while creating a User account is completely different from the Team role.

Prerequisite 3: Creating an Account Team

An Account Team can be created for an account by two ways:

  1. Go to Accounts [Symbol] Create a New record or select an existing record [Symbol] Related lists[Symbol] Account Team
  1. Click on the Add button to add the team members for the account record.
  1. Click on the Add Default Team button to automatically add the team members to the account record.

mass reassign teams

Mass Reassign Account Teams 

Once the Mass Reassign Account / Opportunity Team is enabled, it can be accessed through Data Management section from Setup or in the Tool section at the bottom of Account / Opportunity tab.