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Also, it enables to Navigate to the community page from the Omni script along with parameters passed to the page. 

Navigation Action allows to navigate to various external web address, communities or to Salesforce to mobile apps. To Navigate to the Community page, the Named page or Community page in the PageReferenceType of the Navigation action is used and also various parameters can be passed from the Omniscript to the page. 

Steps to Navigate to Named Page: 

  • Create an omni script from the omni script designer. 
  • Drag and step elements inside it. Add Input action fields and create a form.  
  • Add Integration Procedure to Get Details for the Fields in the Step and Save details back to Salesforce. Or Use DataRaptor Extract Action to get details and Dataraptor Post Action to save details back to Salesforce . 
  • From Build Pane, Search for Navigate Action and drag and drop it in the Step element. 
  • Click on the Navigate Action and in the Properties Panel  
  • In the ‘Name’, add the name for the action; here, it is named as ‘Navigate_To_Contact_Card’. 
  • In ‘Field Label’, enter a label for the action; here, it is labeled as Navigate to Contact Card. 
  • In the ‘Page Reference’, Type Choose Named Page. 
  • In the ‘Page Name’, add the name of the Community page to navigate.  

Pass Parameters to the Named Page 

  • In the Target Parameters, add the additional parameters for the Page. 
  • The parameter should be prefix with c__; then, the name for the Parameter and then the Parameter to pass. 
  • C__Id=%AccountId%. 
  • The Parameter will be passed with the page URL. It can be accessed by the components in the page. 
  • Activate the Omni script. Add it to the Experience Builder and Publish. 
  • Now, Log into the Community 
  • Since the Navigation Action is added after the Step element, clicking Next button Navigates to the page with the parameter passed in the URL. 

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