Overview of Integrating Salesforce and Xero with SFX and eWay Payment 


Create an invoice from the opportunity and integrate gateway payment with SFX, Salesforce and Xero and brand the invoice. We can learn how to integrate Salesforce and Xero with SFX and eWay Payment in this article. 

Advantages of using Salesforce and Xero with SFX 

  • Using the Process Builder, we can generate invoices automatically. 
  • We can have an Integrated eWAY Payment gateway. 
  • Additionally, a bill is prepared and kept in Salesforce in PDF format. 
  • An option like an email invoice is available. 
  • We can approve the invoice for Xero directly from Salesforce. 
  • Online payments will be maintained in Xero and Salesforce. 
  • The invoice was created automatically in Xero, and we have an option to submit as approved. 

How to install SFX? 

Integrate Salesforce and Xero with SFX – Riverdale Cloud Pty Ltd – AppExchange to Get it now app here. 

We can select SFX app in App Launcher. 

How to activate the SFX? 

We can navigate the SFX Setup tab and enter all the required information and click Activate Installation button. 

How to Connect Xero from Salesforce? 

By selecting the Connect to Xero button, we can connect to Xero. Refer the below picture. 

How to set up  eWay Payment Gateway? 

We can have some prerequisites for setting up the eWay Payment. 

  1. In the quick find box, search the “Custom Settings” and click. Refer the below picture 
  1. Click “Manage” on the EWay option. 
  1. Enter the Name and API+Pass field. The Name should be “Eway Credentials” and API key with Password and click Save. Please refer the below picture  
  1. Then Click “Manage” on the Eway Key option on Custom settings 
  1. Enter the Name and Ewaykeydata field. The Name should be “keyname” and keydata should be” 0hTCZ9Mz39iLW6DImbY8u3X10iPf2BAj5zKiAxmFwfXrHYNAOZMTPrlmoixEubwWnnZQQ 

CcUBh6cnIgsV+p8CRhdySpwTDqgeKSGWTgPkvSzaXw5Zo21WWBVtr8QrA8Dt4YUI8uyJjqWq4gwiQA7U39YRCn3CNgxZqARxB4mMdMMnhrfQfRK67RUkOGTNLRzGpxsUUn4ma8rJswvZSFOwEr8BHdoThoxI7P0YI/DPO+52sDNQ4wLV8ezYX7I” and click Save. Please refer the below picture  

  1. Like that, we need to create another record. The Name should be “keyname2” and keydata should be” xHDLRhzo5EL5RFC5pPB9SUUf2SAD9YMwx1/5x+MDDxY1E8HcrSqBYuIaxUdJg+KfMOQH6 XhYpaz6MbOLu8ZH0bw==” and click Save. 

How to create an invoice? 

We need to add the New Invoice button on the Opportunity page layout. Using the invoice button, we can create an invoice record and another way is using the create invoice tab. Refer to the picture below 

The same invoice is generated and automatically created in Xero with the same invoice number. Refer the below picture 

We can make use of some of the options on the invoice detail page. 

  • Send Invoice – After creating a PDF, send an email with the invoice to the chosen contact and activity history includes history. 
  • eWay PAY – This button makes it possible to accept credit card payments instantly. 
  • Approve Xero Invoice – Allowing approval of the invoice changes its status in both Xero and Salesforce to “Approved.” 
  • Generate PDF – The invoice is issued for printing purposes and saved in the notes and attachments section in PDF format. 

How to email the invoice? 

We should create a PDF invoice first using the Generate PDF option, and then use the “Send invoice” option to email the invoice to the chosen contacts. 

How to Payment processing via eWay? 

On the eWay Pay button, click. When you do this, a pop-up window displaying the amount of the pending invoice and the option to enter your credit card information will appear. 

Payments are handled by eWay, and Salesforce Invoice is updated with the transaction details under eWay Transactions. Payment information is updated in Xero after a successful transaction. 

After the payment successfully, the transaction details are updated, and it is shown in the eWaytransactions related list. Refer the below picture 

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This application is the best way to create an invoice from the opportunity and integrated gateway payment with SFX, Salesforce and Xero. 

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