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Pardot Connectors

By: Radha

Do you know Pardot is the fastest growing marketing automation tool for marketers to look all-in-one marketing powerhouse? Pardot is a software publisher of business-to-business (B2B) lead management and marketing automation software products designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Despite the company’s smaller size and brand recognition, Pardot continues to achieve very impressive growth.

By using Pardot, we can perform Email Marketing, Social Posting, ROI reporting, Lead scoring, and Grading with CRM integration and even more.

The features of the Pardot make it as a top ranking product in the Marketing Automation.


This article will cover getting third party applications data and start receiving updates from Pardot, setting up the connector settings (username, password, and optional settings) in Pardot, and verifying the connector for the first time.

pardot connectors


1. Drive New Leads

2. Close Deals Faster

3. Track ROI


We can drive new leads by focusing on pipeline of leads. It is achieved through the following ways:

  1. Smart Forms
  2. Lead Scoring/Grading
  3. Email campaigns.

“Work Smarter and Focus on Smart leads” 

pardot connectors


We can close the deals in a faster way by providing right information to right people. Some of the ways in which leads are easily converted to our tracking such as,

  1. Activity tracking
  2. Real Time Alerts
  3. Drip Campaigns.

            “Better Intelligence means Better Strategy” 


It is possible to get great insight into Sales process and Marketing efficiency. The process of tracking ROI includes

  1. Closed-Loop Reporting
  2. Lifecycle Reporting
  3. Social Reporting

          “Better Reporting allows for More Insight” 


Connectors in Pardot allows to sync with third party applications. So, data can be passed back and forth between the two applications which allow the user to manage various channels from within Pardot interface.

Connectors keep the pipeline fully stocked in a steady flow of high-quality leads using Pardot’s landing pages, form builders, and search connectors.


1) CRM connectors 


* SugarCRM

* Netsuite

* Microsoft CRM

2) Webinar Connectors 

* WebEx

* ReadyTalk

* GoToWebinar

3) Event Connectors 

* Eventbrite

4) Social Posting Connectors 

* AddThis

* FullContact

5) Other Connectors 

* Google Adwords

* Google Analytics

* Twilio


* Olark

* GoodData

* UserVoice

6) Video Connectors 

* Wistia

7) Social Media connectors 

* Facebook

* Twitter

* LinkedIn

* Jigsaw.

Let us jump into some of the connectors in various categories:

  • Event Brite.
  • GoTo Webinar


Adding Connector in Pardot:

1) Navigate to Admin-> Select the Connectors.

pardot connectors

2) Click on in CRM Connectors section.


3) Specify the connector settings for the If salesforce is for Sandbox instance,

pardot connectors

we need to enable the checkbox like in below screenshot “Connect to salesforce sandbox account”.

4) Click “Create connector”.

5) A pop up window requesting the Salesforce Username and Password for Salesforce organization will appear.

pardot connectors

6) Next, a permission request confirmation window will appear as below.

pardot connectors

7) Click the “Allow” button to access the CRM data sync with Pardot.

8) Specify the connector user for integration process as shown in the screenshot.

pardot connectors

9) All Pardot activities including page views, form completions, site searches, and email will be available in the Prospect Activities window in the prospect’s CRM record, but only emails can be created as a CRM activity/task.

pardot connectors

10) Pardot will log an email in the activity section of the CRM record when sending out a list

email or a one-to-one email using the Email Logging section.

11) This email syncing can be turned off or on in Email Logging by editing CRM connector settings.

pardot connectors

12) Click on “Finish”. Now, the connector is available with the Verify Now link.

13) Click the “Verify Now” link, and it will show the “In progress” state for a period of time.

14) Now, the connector is verified successfully; so, the data sync between salesforce and Pardot will be queued.



Pardot syncs with Eventbrite to provide reporting and scoring on event registrations and attendance for each prospects.

Those Eventbrite events are displayed in Pardot prospect as activities and reports.

Adding Eventbrite connector in Pardot:

  1. Go to the Admin and choose connectors.
  1. Click the + Add connector.
  1. Follow the steps to add an Eventbrite connector in Pardot.