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Process to Update Child Records Using the Lightning Process Builder

By: Radha

The Process Builder is a new workflow tool that helps automate the business processes by providing a user-friendly visual representation with point-and-click efficiency. The Process builder consists of criteria that determine when to execute action groups—whether to execute the actions immediately or in the future when those criteria are met. Furthermore, the process builder gives the advantage of various automated processes, like creating a record, updating a child record when the parent record is updated, sending an email, posting to Chatter, and submitting for approval.


Steps to create a process to update child records when the parent record is updated:

1. Under Build section


lightning process builder
2. Click New

lightning process builder
3. Enter the Name, API Name and Click Save

lightning process builder
4. Click Add Object, choose Object, specify when to start the Process, and Click Save

lightning process builder


5. Click Add Criteria, enter the Criteria Name, Filter Conditions, and click Save.

lightning process builder
6. Click Add Action, and select the Action Type as Update Records.

lightning process builder
7. Select the object, set the Object Variables, and click Save.

lightning process builder
8. Activate the process, by clicking the Activate Button.

When an Account object’s Shipping Address is updated, all its Contacts’ mailing address under the Account get updated.lightning process builder

Here you can see the Contact records’ mailing address related to the Account also got updated.


Automated processes in the Process Builder consists of criteria that determine when to execute actions when the criteria are met. Any change that causes a record to match the criteria can automatically trigger the action group. Record updates are a vital part of any organization with large number of customers as the customers might change the address, phone number or any other information. Lightning Process Builder provides the functionality with point and click for easy record updates when the criteria are met. The article illustrates the steps for updating all the contact records’ mailing address, when an account record’s shipping address is updated.

Reference Link: Lightning Process Builder Overview