Public Sector Solutions – License and Permit Management

Public sector Solutions 

Public sector solutions  are set of products and tools customized on top of Salesforce platform to modernize the constituent experience and to support thriving communities. It can improve public sector’s service delivery, increase transparency, and assist faster than ever before. It includes various set of powerful tools like License & Permit Management, Inspection Management, Employee Experience, Contact Center Engagement, Grants, and Emergency Program Management. We can look into the basics of License & Permit Management in this article. 

License & Permit Management 

This is used to provide any types of licenses, permits, registrations and other permissions to a constituent, and it often requires testing before and after providing permits/licenses to ensure adherence to the requirements. It improves the efficiency of government sectors while providing permissions to a constituent. This process includes phases such as Self-service Research, Intake, Review, Inspect and Assess, Approve, Issue and Renew generally. 


Public Sector Solutions was built on top of Service cloud platform of Salesforce with the above-mentioned basic architecture. We can use those tools to implement license and permit management to public sector. Let we talk about each of these capabilities. 


License and permit management starts with applications. Individuals and business owners start with submitting application when applying to get a permit or license from a public sector. 


Authorizations are license or permits that issued to individual or business owners for conducting any business 

Regulatory Codes: 

These are laws and regulations that needs to be followed by an individual or business owner to earn or keep their license or permit. 


Inspections are done as a part of review process before providing license and after issuing license to comply with laws and regulations 

Violations and Enforcement:  

Violations are found through inspections or complaints while an individual or business entity does not comply with regulatory codes and enforcements are the actions taken on them. 


This is to store data that a customer provides about a lack of compliance 

Community Components: 

Public facing portals can be created by this community components as a part of Public Sector Solutions. Customers or employees can register and login through same or separate portals that can be customized based on their activities. 

Action Plans: 

Actions plans are tasks that are assigned to appropriate persona that needs to be completed for moving forward the licensing and permit applications. 

Regulatory Fees: 

Monetary obligations that need to be paid for getting respective license is known as Regulatory Fees. 

Visit Mobile: 

Inspectors can use this solution on their mobile during inspections to keep all cases on track. 

Hierarchical View: 

It shows an application’s end to end process and 360-degree view. 

Intelligent Doc Automation:  

Once a physical document is scanned, this functionality can turn it into a structured set of objects to be visible in community portal. 

Business Rules Engine: 

This is a declarative-first approach tool to implement dependencies in laws and regulations mostly used to determine fee to implement actions. 

Decision Explainer:  

This explains why a particular decision is taken such as why a fee was applied. 

These are basic tools and objects used in License and permit Management. Along with this, Omni studio tools such as Flexcard, OmniScripts, Data Raptor, Integration Procedures, Document Templates can also be implemented. 

Health cloud and Lightning scheduler can also be implemented in conjunction with License and Permit Management. 

Accounts and Applications 

Account and Application objects play a vital role is PSS data model. As usual, we have two types of accounts– person account and business account. Person accounts will submit individual applications to get permissions needed for an individual from a public entity and Business accounts will submit business applications to get permissions to handle their business. 

Business accounts are tightly coupled with Contact to store about a person’s information and with Business profile to store business structure. Individual and Business accounts can submit their respective application through online portal which can be built through Experience cloud. Applications in portal can be built either by Omni studio tools such as Omniscripts and Data raptors or through LWC framework. 

Regulatory Objects 

Below mentioned are a few major objects in License and Permit Management which are represented as Regulatory Objects. 

Regulatory Authority object – To store the details about government agencies which have authority to issue Licenses and Permits. 

Regulatory Authorization Type object – To store different types of licenses. 

Regulatory Code Object – To store laws and regulations. Regulatory Authority provides licenses based on this Regulatory Codes. 

These are the basics of License and Permit Management. For more info, please refer to these links: 


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