Qlik Sense

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Qlik Sense is a data analytics tool that runs in browsers as well as in desktops. It’s a business intelligence tool. With help of this tool, we can create a report and dashboard easily.

Qlik Sense is a data analytics tool that runs in browsers as well as in desktops.

It’s a business intelligence tool. With help of this tool, we can create a report and dashboard easily. Also, it provides real-time analytics and transaction data for your entire enterprise all from within one dashboard.

How to install Qlik sense?

Click the below link to install Qlik sense


Fill in the form and click “Download Now” button to download the software. The software will automatically download. For more details to install Qlik sense click here.


Qlik sense has numerous features that are flexible enough for all types of users:

Responsive Design: It will automatically adjust the apps view, whether on desktop, tablet and smart phone.

Self-Service Creation: Drag and drop abilities offer easy dashboard and report creation without the need for scripting, complex queries or joins

Smart search: The search bar function allows you to type in keywords to quickly locate data sets, graphs/charts, reports and more.

Centralized management: Qlik Sense acts as one central location for users to develop and share apps, data stories and insights quickly and efficiently.

Follow the steps below to create a sample application using Qlik sense

Step1: Open the Qlik Sense by clicking the desktop shortcut or menu option

Step2: Click on the “Create a new app” option and give a name to the app.Qlik SenseStep3: Now, the application will be open. Then, you can see the “Add Data” and “Data load editor” option

Step4: Drag and drop the excel file that contains the sample data onto the application.Qlik SenseStep5: Click “Load data” button to loads the data from the excel

Step6: Then click “edit the sheet” button to begin creating your first sheetQlik SenseStep7: This has 3 main options shown in the above screen shot

Chart – Here you can drag the objects to the sheet

Fields – which shows all the available fields in the data model

Master Items – it will show dimensions, measures and visualizations

Step8: Drag and drop the ‘Bar chart’ in the middle part of the sheetQlik SenseStep9:  Click on the add dimension and add measure button to select the field.

Dimension and Measures will determine how the data will be grouped in the chart (x axis and y axis)

Step 10: After adding the x and y axis, click Done to view graph in the sheet

Now you can see the sheet that contains some data.Qlik SenseReference Links:

  1. https://www.qlik.com/us/products/qlik-sense/getting-started
  2. http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Content/Tutorials.htm

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