Quotes Sync in Salesforce

Before you start learning about Quotes and Quotes Sync in Salesforce, it is better to know some of the key terms used in Salesforce CRM.

Before you start learning about Quotes and Quotes Sync in Salesforce, it is better to know some of the key terms used in Salesforce CRM. Let us assume you are a Sales representative and you are selling a laptop. As a Sales representative, how will you promote your product to customer? First, you will explain about company standard, quality of the product, product features, and etc. If customers are showing interest in your product, then you will talk about the proposed price of the product. Like, this product price is $500, discount is 1%, one year service, and etc. Right?

Here, in Salesforce terms, the interested customer is considered as an Opportunity, and the proposed product price is considered as a Quote. Now, we will discuss what the quote is, how to create a quote for an opportunity, and also how to sync a quote with an opportunity in Salesforce.

Quote is one of the standard objects in Salesforce, and it is available in Opportunity’s detail page as a related list. Quote is mainly used to send the proposed sale price of products or services to potential customers.

Enabling Quotes
By default, Quote is not enabled. If you need to enable the quote for your organization, please follow the below steps:

1. Click Setup -> Customize
2. Select Quotes -> Settings -> Enable Quotes

Fig. 1 Enabling Quote

The quote has a lookup relationship with Contact and Master-detail relationship with Opportunity object. You can also create custom fields, record types, custom links and custom Quote Templates for quotes.

Creating a Quote
You can create quotes from Quotes related list of an opportunity’s detail page. If the Quotes related list is not available in opportunity detail page, you can drag and drop the Quotes related list from the opportunity page layout.

Now, click New Quote button to create a new quote, and enter the quote details as shown below.

Fig. 2 Creating quotes

1. Enter the name of the quote
2. In the expiration date field, enter the date when the quote will expire.
3. The subtotal, discount, total price, and grand total fields show values from the opportunity.
4. The quote shipping and billing addresses come from the associated account by default, if you want to change, you can modify your preferred billing and shipping address in Address information section.
5. Once you have completed the details in the records, you can hit the save button.

You can create multiple quotes for an opportunity with different combination of products, discount and services, but you can sync only one quote with an opportunity at a time.

Quotes data model and Quotes Sync


An Opportunity record can have several products; likewise a quote record can have multiple quote line items. Here, the red line above shows how the sync happens among opportunity, quote, product, and quote line item. When a quote is synced with an opportunity, any changes to the opportunity’s products are reflected in the quote’s Quote Line Item, and vice versa.

Before Syncing a Quote with an Opportunity
In the below screen shot, an opportunity has two quotes and 0 products:


Fig. 3 Quotes related list in Opportunity detail page
As you can’t sync more than one quote with any opportunity, sync just one of the quotes from the opportunity.

Syncing Quote with an Opportunity
You can sync the quote with opportunity using Start Sync button available in Quote detail page. Here, this quote has two quote line items. Once you have clicked the Start Sync button, this quote is synced with the opportunity, and the two quote line items are also automatically synced with the opportunity’s products.

Fig. 4 Quote Sync

After Syncing a Quote with an Opportunity
After you sync a quote with an opportunity, the opportunity amount will be updated from the quote record and also the opportunity product will be synced with quote line item. If you add any new product to this opportunity, that product will automatically sync with quote line item.

Fig. 5 After a quote is synced with an opportunity

If Syncing field shows a checkmark for a quote, it indicates the quote is currently synced with an opportunity. If you want to sync another quote with same opportunity, you should first stop the old quote syncing with that opportunity.

Creating Quote PDFs
You can generate a Quote PDF for a quote by simply clicking Create PDF button available in Quote detail page.

Fig. 6 Create a Quote PDF
By default, the PDF file will be generated from a standard template, and this template contains quote number, quote created date, expiration date, company address, shipping address, billing address , product details, and etc.

Fig.7 Quote PDF

If you click Save to Quote button, the PDF file will be saved as an attachment to the quote record. If you click Save and Email Quote button, the PDF file will be saved to the quote record and also will be emailed to the selected contact. If necessary, you can create a new custom PDF template with your company logo and custom fields.

Please follow the below steps to create a custom PDF template: 1. Click Setup -> Customize->Quotes->Template
2. Click New

Fig. 8 Custom PDF Template

Disabling the Quotes
You cannot disable quotes, once your Salesforce records have dependency with any of the quotes, quote line items, or quote PDFs, custom developments including formula fields, triggers, workflow rules, and approval processes. Before disabling the quote, you should remove these dependencies first. Besides, you can’t disable quote, if you have any quotes synced with opportunities. So, you must first stop syncing all quotes before you disable the quote.

With Salesforce Quotes and Quotes Sync features, today the sales organizations can improve their sales efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales rep productivity, by automating quote creation process and aligning the products with quote line items in real time.

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