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Sales Wave App in Wave Analytics


Salesforce created separate apps for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data in Wave Analytics. The customers can purchase either Sales cloud or Service cloud apps based on their business needs. The Sales Wave app is the first ready-made app for the customers, and they can easily analyze their sales cloud data. You can use the sales wave app in any device and get access all the information you need in one place.

sales wave app

Fig: Sample Sales wave View – Forecast Review

Sales Wave App Creation: You can easily create a Sales Wave app and you can customize your sales cloud data by answering a few questions in the built–in configurator.

Using this built – in configurator you can view your data, and wave takes care of the rest. Once you have created the Sales Wave app, based on your answers it will creates datasets, dashboards and lenses to explore your data from any device that supports Sales Save.


Salesforce Native

Sales Wave app is integrated with Sales Cloud, so you can easily get right data into your dashboard. Sales wave is from Salesforce, so it’s very fast, secure, and scalable.

Pre-Defined Lenses, Data Sets and Dashboards

In Sales Wave app, you can get preloaded dashboards and pre-populated templates. Using this templates and dashboards, you can customize your weekly pipeline call, quarterly, half- yearly or yearly review. The pre-populated templates bring the best practice dashboards for your sales team.

Pipeline Trending

Your Sales managers can easily track their year-over-year business performance and get a better view of the big picture.

Wave Actions 

In Sales Wave App, you can create and update records and objects, and you can instantly collaborate through Chatter, using any device.

for more reference, please visit this link:

Set up Salesforce Permissions for the Sales Wave App 

If you are running a Sales organization, your organization can use the Sales Wave app with or without a wave analytics platform. You can purchase Sales Wave license instead of purchasing a full wave analytics license.

Permissions To create and manage Wave apps:

“Manage Wave Analytics Templated Apps”

“Edit Wave Analytics Data flows”

In your organization, you should create two types of Sales Wave permission sets, one for users and another for administrators.

Select the Sales Wave Analytics App Permission Set license.

You can create and assign a Sales Analytics Apps permission set license for Sales Wave users in your organization.

Create and assign a permission set that gives access to the Sales Wave app.

You can assign a permission set to all who need access to the Sales Wave app. For those users, you can create a permission set, and enable “Access Sales Cloud Analytics Templates and Apps” permission. This permission set allows users to view everything in Sales Wave, and to create and edit dashboards.

Create and assign a permission set that enables administrators and some users to access and manage the Sales Wave app.

In your organization, some of the users and system administrators need the access for creating a new sales wave app and sharing the apps with other users in your organization; so, for those users, you can create a permission set that includes all the permissions included with the Sales wave license, and assign it to them. Using these permissions, they can create, share, and delete the app, schedule, work with data flows, and upload external data (including the CSV file required to update the Quotas dataset).

For more information, please review the following link:

Create and Share the Sales Wave App

  1. Log into Salesforce.
  2. Select Wave Analytics from the menu (top right of the Salesforce window).

sales wave app

Fig: Select Wave Analytics App

  1. i) Click the Create Button.

sales wave app

Fig: To create the new sales wave App

ii) Select ‘Sales Wave’ and then click ‘Continue’

sales wave app

Fig: Select the Sales Wave from the Template option

  1. Salesforce opens the Sales Wave configuration wizard, which helps you customize your sales app experience. This configuration wizard gives you a series of screens, each with a set of questions and their possible answers in pull-down menus. Answer the questions according to how your company prefers to view the sales data.
  • Account Object: Configuration Wizard

sales wave app

Fig: Sales wave configuration wizard for Account Object

  1. Opportunity Object: Configuration Wizard

sales wave app

Fig: Sales wave configuration wizard for Opportunity Object

  1. Products: Optional

wave analytics

Fig: Sales wave configuration wizard for Product Object

  1. Personalize sales wave in general:

sales wave app

Fig: Sales wave configuration wizard for General

  1. Give your app a name that’s easily recognizable to others in your company.

sales wave app

Fig: Name your Sales wave App

  1. Click Create. It starts a dataflow that creates the app and its assets your organization needs. (The assets include a dataflow definition file, datasets, lenses, and dashboards).
  2. The app creation process can take a few minutes. You can check the status of the dataflow:


  1. Open the Wave Home page
  2. Click the gear menu at the upper right of the page
  3. Select Data Monitor and Select Dataflow View in the pulldown at the upper left and look for your app.

sales wave app

Fig: App Creation Process

  1. Now that you’ve created the app, share it with users in your organization. The new app ‘Demo Sales Wave’ has a pre-defined set of dashboards and datasets.


  1. Pre – Defined Dashboards