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Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based technology to the world of healthcare. The primary objective is to keep all the patient information in one place.


Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based technology to the world of healthcare. The primary objective is to keep all the patient information in one place. It helps health workers to have a complete view of patient records, and it also helps provide effective treatments.

Why Health Cloud?

A goal among recently introduced healthcare technologies is the improvement of the patient experience. Say for an example, Let’s consider a patient who visits a nearby health care canter. The on-duty doctor in the care canter may not know the patient visited two weeks ago for the same cough. It would be helpful if these patients’ details are stored in a single database, leading to better diagnosis and treatment, collecting all patient’s pertinent information, regardless of where the patient visited.

It combines data from multiple sources, medical devices, electronic devices, wearables into a single location.

Salesforce Health cloud acts as a bridge to connect various health care providers, nurses, doctors, caregivers, and insurance coordinators

Patient’s information in a cloud

It is a Health IT CRM used for doctor-patient relationship and record management services. It plays a one-to-one relationship with a patient’s profile that integrates information from multiple data sources.

It provides a consolidated view of critical patient records and it’s all about creating a strong, collaborative relationship with patients and caregivers to help the patients for better health

It provides a central place to manage communication between the individuals involved in the patient’s care, such as message to the primary care physician or reminders to the family member who drives the patient to the doctor.

Bring it all together with Health cloud

Caregivers deliver outstanding patient care by developing strong, collaborative relationships with patients and caregivers, but it is a lot of work! Care givers have hands full keeping track of critical patient records, care providers, insurance providers, and her clients’ health outcomes.

Objects in Salesforce

The Salesforce Health Cloud provides a rich set of standard and custom objects to store patient information as well as to access the specialized health information.

Objects used by Salesforce Health Cloud to manage patient data:


In Health Cloud, the Account object represents a patient (person) rather than a business or an organization and it is also linked to contact object records. Account object also plays a major role for the transactions that occur related to the patient.


In Health Cloud, the Contact object represents the people who are associated with the patients like family members and specialists who are outside, and it must be related to Account object. The Contact object supports communication within the private patient community. Care team members will be added as external contacts; these external contacts won’t get an access to the community as well as to community users and contacts.


In Health Cloud, there are internal salesforce users as well as community users. Internal users have some set of access to the records and they will have access to patient records. Community users don’t have access to patient records.

Case Team Member

      In Health Cloud, it represents a Patient Care Team Member. Case team members can only be contacts and they cannot log into salesforce but can communicate via Chatter.


Each Care Plan has a list of clinical or non-clinical health issues that must be addressed. The treatment for the patients based on their conditions are managed and represented in the care plan problem custom object.


     In Health Cloud, it represents an activity like phone call, a medical appointment, etc.

Set Up Health Cloud

  • Install health cloud

It is a managed package. We need to install health cloud managed package in our org. So that we can begin implementing health cloud for our users.

  • Define your domain name

We can choose a name for our domain and it will be used to register it with Salesforce domain registries worldwide.

  • Choose how to represent health cloud members

We can represent health cloud members as person accounts or by individual data model

  • Configure health cloud profiles

We can give them access to the health cloud fields and records by adjusting the user profiles.

  • Set field access

It specifies the access level for each field in an object. Before giving the access to the users, make sure these users want to access the standard fields.

  • Control Access to patients

We can use the sharing settings to control the access to specific patients.

Case Study (Health cloud with IoT)

Health cloud with IoT, let’s say for an example a digital watch. If patient is wearing the digital watch, then it takes care of the patient like if sugar level raises then it will show the message/advice to see the doctor. If the patient’s calories increased, then it will ask the patient to run and burn the calories. Health Cloud has many benefits if we use it with Internet of Things (IoT).


Today’s modern healthcare systems must rapidly evolve to meet the basic expectations of the connected patient. Salesforce health cloud puts the patient canter of the care by giving core advantages to caregivers also. It provides:

  • Complete view of the patient.
  • Engages with patients across their care givers on any network

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