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A new and modern grooming technology in IT industry is IoT (Internet of Things). The term Internet of things defines that internetworking of physical devices and those physical devices are embedded with electronic instruments connected to the Internet.

A new and modern grooming technology in IT industry is IoT (Internet of Things). The term Internet of things defines that internetworking of physical devices and those physical devices are embedded with electronic instruments connected to the Internet. These physical devices are used to fetch and exchange data from IoT objects. We can integrate Salesforce with IoT devices and allows its customers to move a step advanced in their business development with the power of IoT Cloud. Using the power of the Internet of Things we can manage our connected IoT device data better in all aspects of Visual Workflow technique. By using that information, we can automate our business process in Salesforce. This is known as Salesforce IoT Cloud. While keeping our customers as a focus we can boost our business such as sales, service, and marketing through the implementation of ”Salesforce IoT Cloud”.

We are getting smarter about IoT data using Einstein and Artificial Intelligence. Also, make better decisions using intelligent predictions and recommendations using the integrated apps. We can sell, service, and market to our customers with more speed, b getting the whole picture by connecting all IoT data across the Salesforce. We can create our own IoT programs using our intuitive UI based on business logic, not code. We can easily set up IoT orchestrations, test engagement models, and iterate quickly. We can link IoT device machine data with customer context to create more engaging experiences across all our connected products.

salesforce iot cloud

Figure: Salesforce IoT Cloud model 

Salesforce IoT Cloud is not only connecting devices but also connecting us to our customers across every connected device.

Difference between workflow and linear workflow in Salesforce IoT Cloud 

Workflow: It enables us to set up workflow rules. A workflow rule categorizes what kinds of record changes or additions trigger specified workflow actions. Workflow rules and actions are related to a specific object.

salesforce iot cloud

Figure: Salesforce Visual Workflow Sample Structure 

Visual Workflow: It enables us to create flows, which are triggered by users rather than events. We can do any action using visual workflow by point click and drop method. Contrasting Workflow, which always performs rules and actions behind the scenes, Visual Workflow offers screens for demonstrating and collecting information from the user running the flow.

Difference between IoT and Cloud Computing:

IoT and Cloud computing both are helping us to increase productivity in day-to-day business growth. The IoT generates enormous amounts of data, and cloud computing provides a pathway for that data to travel to its destination. IoT is a development of the ‘M2M’ (Machine to Machine) model with many devices involved, just like ‘MM2MM’ (Many Machines to Many Machines). The word ‘Things’ can represent physical devices and machines, as well as virtual services and functions. The Internet of Things, meanwhile, refers to the connecting of devices to the Internet. Cars, kitchen appliances, and even heart monitors can all be associated through the IoT. The Internet of Things and cloud computing are different, but each will have their own job in beginning this new world of data.

salesforce iot cloud

Figure: Salesforce IoT Cloud Structure 

Case Study on Salesforce IoT Cloud: 

Each Customer’s expectation is different than business expectation, Example: If we sell an Air Conditioner (Hardware product) to our customer but without establishing IoT service to them. They won’t be aware of their system failure and causes of those failures will be huge. So, once these hardware products are established with IoT service then these product failures would be known to both the customer and the service owner. Those system failures are predicted in advance and this would give them a great business relationship with their customers.

In Salesforce, we can achieve the above case study by creating 3 different Work orders named as ‘Customer, Service center and Sales center’ and each Work Order with each task. Now, we are testing on a maintenance of AC’s Compressor(heart). We wrote a workflow to trigger once the AC’s refrigerant lines become blocked or damaged, the first thing we will notice is that the unit is not cooling as effectively. When the problem is not fixed, again the increased pressure and temperature cause overheating and AC compressor fails. It would be monitored by Salesforce IoT cloud by inspecting its pressure and temperature on a day-to-day basis. Criteria would be like once the pressure and temperature reach 25%, then automatically it fires our trigger ‘Work Order’ and creates 3 tasks and then assigns it to appropriate persons based on our business logic. Let’s say 3tasks A, B, and C. Task A is assigned to ‘Customer (Opportunity Owner)’ and Task B is assigned to ‘Service Center (One who is responsible for Servicing AC) and Task C is assigned to ‘Sales Center (partner of the Service Center or taking this as new Lead). All the three assignees would be created with a due date prior (2days) with certain Subject and Description.

Using Devicify(Salesforce IoT app), we can achieve the above process successfully. While doing some research regarding the integration of Salesforce IoT Cloud, we found some apps in Salesforce app exchange. The following are some of the apps, Devicify, MapAnything, IoT-X, OnMyWay2U where we can explore and master the real experience of Salesforce IoT Cloud.

Research and development using Salesforce IoT: 

By monitoring how customers are using their products, businesses can quickly update enhancements or adjust future models to better meet customer requirements and activities. From a preventive standpoint, a business can also better guess future customer preferences.  Also, a business can learn in real time what is working and what is not working. Also, they can easily take decisions and immediately correct or adjust issues. This leads to better product delivery and service providing. Teams like Marketing and advertising also benefit with the data from connected devices.


Just as important, business will be able to be more preventive than ever when it comes to staying on top of customer satisfaction and preferences. Using Salesforce IoT, we can make our Sales team 100% digitized and empower our sales representatives to spend more time selling and less time on manual tasks.


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