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Salesforce Lightning Features

By: Venkata

Create New Accounts Lightning Fast with Account Autofill

Account Autofill Option is used in Lightning Experience. This option is used to display the list of US based Company names when we start to type the Account Name. So that we can select the Company name from the available list if it is present in the list; otherwise we can type the actual name.

To use the Account Autofill feature, we need to enable the Account Autofill setting:

Go to => Set up => Build => Customize => Accounts => Account Settings => Click Edit => Select Enable Account Autofill option.

salesforce lightning services

Once the company name from the available list is selected, then the other fields like Phone, Website, Ticker Symbol, Billing Address Information like Street, city, State, Zip/ Postal Code and Country are filled automatically.

salesforce lightning services


salesforce lightning services


salesforce lightning services

We can also edit the field values that are filled automatically. In addition to this feature, we can also use Account logo feature in Lightning Experience. This feature will display the Logo along with the Company Name.

To use the Account Logo feature in Lightning Experience, we need to enable this feature.

To enable Account logo feature follow the below steps: 

Go to => Set up => Build => Customize => Accounts =>

Account Settings => Click Edit => Select Enable Account Logo option.

salesforce lightning services

Pros of Account Autofill: 

This feature will save our time by entering a few letters of the Company name from the available list.

Cons of Account Autofill: 

The disadvantage of this feature is it will display only the US based Company Names.

Reference Link: Create New Accounts Lightning Fast with Account AutofillAccount Settings.