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Salesforce Lightning for Outlook

By: Radha


  1. Salesforce Lightning for Outlook is the latest Microsoft integration product that enables Sales teams to better manage and increase their sales.
  2. By using Global Actions, the Sales Reps can easily create a Salesforce record from Outlook and they can relate email and attachment to the Salesforce records.
  3. Lightning Sync keeps your reps’ contacts and events in sync between your Exchange server and Salesforce.

Setting up the Lightning for Outlook in Salesforce Lightning Experience 

  1. Click on Gear Icon [Symbol] Go to Setup [Symbol] Email [Symbol] Lightning for Outlook.
  1. Click on Enable Lightning for Outlook.
  1. Before installing the add-on in Outlook Web Access, you need to create/configure global actions.

Create global action to Create record from Outlook Application

Go to Setup  [Symbol] User Interface [Symbol] Global Actions

  1. Once we have created a new Global Action in Salesforce, then it will be displayed when we navigate to the Lightning for Outlook.
  1. To create a record through Email Application, it is necessary to add record type while creating a global action if the object uses record type. We can’t create a new record without specifying the record type.
  1. Go to Setup > Email > Lightning for Outlook.
  1. Create a New Publisher Layout by clicking the New Button under Lightning for Outlook Publisher Layout.
  1. Make sure that the above new action is available in the Publisher Layout and Click Save.

To modify the newly created Publisher Layout, just click the edit button.

lightning for outlook


Follow below steps to install Lightning for Outlook in a Sandbox. You can install it for Production as well by choosing your environment.

Go to Setup -> Email -> Lightning for Outlook and choose your environment.

lightning for outlook


Click on Add to install Lightning for Outlook Sandbox. It may ask you to enter your Office 365 credential to install.

lightning for outlook

In OWA, Click the Install button.


salesforce lightning for outlook


Lightning for Outlook in Outlook on premises

Follow below steps to configure the Lightning for Outlook on Outlook window application.

  1. Navigate to outlook on premises and click on the View Option in the Outlook Ribbon Bar.
  1. In Salesforce side panel, click on login to Salesforce to connect to Salesforce
  1. Provide the salesforce credential to connect with the Salesforce.


salesforce lightning for outlook

  • Click the Continue button to connect Salesforce with Microsoft account.
  • The confirmation page will be displayed.
  • Now you will be able to view/search the Salesforce records in the Salesforce Side Panel.
  • You can use plus icon to add a new contact.

salesforce lightning for outlook

salesforce lightning for outlook

From the Lightning for Outlook, we can easily navigate to Salesforce page.

salesforce lightning for outlook

The plus icon will be displayed only if you have a global action in your Salesforce organization to create a new record.

salesforce lightning for outlook

You can attach emails to the Salesforce record by using the little Up-arrow mark on the side panel.

lightning for outlook and lightning sync

Once an Email is related, it will show an alert message and the Up-arrow mark will turn to Tick Mark.