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Salesforce Live Message


Salesforce Live Message is an app downloaded from AppExchange, and it is used to allow customers and companies to have a two-way text message conversation using SMS and Facebook application.


customers resolve the queries using their preferred messaging app like SMS to contact agents at any time. It is used to boost the agent productivity to resolve the case and deliver an awesome customer experience. Live message can be configured using mobile numbers and Facebook account.

Live message can be installed from app exchange, and we need to configure the Live message using this link:

After configuration of the phone number, it will look like this:Salesforce Live MessageFor testing purpose, we have configured an US number through google voice but in real time we need to send a message from customer mobile number to the configured channel phone number.Salesforce Live MessageStep 1:

After the message is sent from google voice to the live message’s configured number, message is received by an agent who is online at the time.

Step 2:

If the agent clicks the “accept” button, the conversation gets started between the agent and customer.Salesforce Live MessageStep 3:

It should be open as a session and agents can reply to the customer. The reply is also added in the session.Salesforce Live MessageStep 4:

4.1. If the agents want to end the session,  and then he/she clicks on “End Live Message Session”.

4.2. The session will be added under the account as related list. Salesforce Live MessageSalesforce Live MessageCase Study:

Consider a Salesforce organization without the  live message. The customers need to call customer service agents and  need to wait for the agents to attend the call. It consumes too much time and the customer decides to end the call. Obviously, agents can take only one call at the time. It reduces the productivity of the agents.

If the organization used live message in the org, customers can solve the query using Facebook and SMS application. communication between the customers and agents are bidirectional. It will reduce the phone traffic and customers get answers for their questions using messaging app instead of phone. Messaging has 8x better response rate compare to that of email queries.


It is obvious that live message would be useful to stay focused on solving the customer queries using messaging app. Also, the Messaging session is cheaper compared to that of phone call. Agents can handle multiple messaging conversation at a time, and It increases the productivity of the agents.