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Salesforce Recurrence Task

In Salesforce, we have an inbuilt feature to create recurring tasks when the previous task is closed. Recurrence task is a task created repeatedly until the criteria specified is met. It is used to create a repeating task when the current task is marked as completed or overdue.

Steps for Recurrence Task:

Go to Setup > Customize > Activities > Task Page layout.

Open the page layout for which you need to create recurrence task feature.

To create this recurrence, ask your Salesforce Admin to place the below two fields in Task page layout.

Repeat this Task 

Recurrence Interval 

After placing two fields, click the Save button to save the changes.

Repeat this Task:

This field is used to describe when the task needs to be repeated. Whether,

  • After due date – New task will be created if the current is overdue.
  • After completed date – New Task will be created if the current task is closed.
  • (Task Closed) – No recurrence will be created by choosing this option. This can be used for reporting purpose.

Recurrence Interval:

This field used to define the due date for the newly created task.

Say for the example, I need to create a task for a Case. On creation of the task, I choose to Repeat this task as after completed date, and Recurrence Interval as 7. When the task is set to complete, the new task will be created with a due date with close date + 7 days.

After creating task, you can see the task in the relevant Case records.

The next task will be automatically created after the task is marked as completed.

If you want to close the task and no recurrence task should be created, then click on Cls link and change Repeat this task status to (Task Closed).

Click on the Save button. The task will be closed and recurrence task will not be created.


You can use either Create Recurring Series of Tasks or Repeat this task at a time but you cannot use both features.

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