Salesforce Service Cloud Console Application

The service cloud console is a simple customer support application to track and resolve cases. All the tools are at your fingertips to ensure proactive participation in the conversations about your products and services.

The service cloud console is a simple customer support application to track and resolve cases. All the tools are at your fingertips to ensure proactive participation in the conversations about your products and services. In days, you can start using a fully integrated customer service strategy that supports multiple communication channels that customers use to communicate with you.

From the customer point of view, we can easily find, update, and create records quickly.


Why do we need Service Cloud Console?
Customer service meant picking up the phone and talking with an expert to resolve an issue in an environment that uses phone trees, self-service portal and call centers.

The companies have spent billions dollars to give the customers more channels to contact them. Such additional channels equally introduce challenges to agents, as they may not have answers for customers’ questions readily available in the system. With Service Cloud Console, now agents can find right answers from Salesforce and help companies collaborate and close cases faster.

Welcome to Service Cloud Console – Salesforce:
Using Service Cloud Console, the Administrators can give customers more contact channels, and also give agents a new way to interact with and respond to customers. Unlike standard Salesforce pages, all items clicked in a single display as tabs. Tabs let agent quickly perform the following operations in Salesforce.

  1. Find, update, and create cases or other records.
  2. Review and update cases or other records from lists.
  3. Display all the customer, product, and service information needed on one screen without losing context.

This is a sample service cloud console view in salesforce.


The Service Cloud console – Terminologies
The following terms are service cloud features and functionalities.

1. Highlights Panel: Used to customize highlight fields to display at the top of the detail page.         2. Interaction Log: Used to customize task fields. Once the customer conversation is over, it will create a notes on interaction log.This log comes under the Activity History related list for easy review.        3. The customer creates a case in which the case subject matches with Articles from Knowledge. In this case, Salesforce will automatically display the Article title in console.        4. N Knowledge Sidebar:avigation Tab: A tab with a drop-down button in a service cloud console that lets us select and view object home pages.        5. Primary Tab: A tab in a service cloud console that displays the main tab to work on.        6. Pinned List: The console view display at the top or on the left side of a service cloud console.        7. Push Notifications, Service Cloud Console: If any user has changed a record or field, Salesforce immediately visually indicates who changed that record or field.       8. Sub Tab: A tab that displays content related to the item on a primary tab in a service cloud console.

       9. Custom Console Component: A Visualforce page added to a service cloud console through custom button.The following screenshot shows the location of many of these components.


Service Cloud Console – Live Agent:
In the modern world, a lot of customers prefer instant communication with business, without having to send an email, log a case on the Web. The Service Cloud Console allows customers to interact with businesses using text chat or live agent.

Live Agent User:
It can give a few permissions for agent’s profiles, and assign agents the Live Agent user license. This enables agents to have access to basic features, and also agents can receive and view chat request from customers visiting our company website. Each live agent user should have Live Agent User permission.

Agent skills:
Skills identify experts in specific areas and route the chats to agents who are qualified to answer certain questions. Skills help your service team work more efficiently by making sure the right chat requests automatically go to the right agents.

The below screenshots show a live chat between an agent with service cloud console, and a customer on a website.


The benefits of Console tab:

  1. Work with fewer clicks and less scrolling
  2. Limit switching between pages
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions
  4. Easily spot important fields on records
  5. See records and their related items as tabs on one screen, so that you never lose context or navigate too far from a record
  6. Jot notes on each record in an interaction log
  7. See visual indicators in real time when lists and records are changed by others
  8. Solve cases by quickly scanning Salesforce Knowledge articles
  9. Access a Softphone for Salesforce CRM Call Center in a footer instead of a sidebar
  10. Chat with customers in real time using Live Agent

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