Salesforce Spring’14 Search API and Match API

In spring 14 release, Search API and Match API extend the current capabilities currently of Prospector and Clean.

In spring 14 release, Search API and Match API extend the current capabilities currently of Prospector and Clean.

data.PNG Search API:
The Search API works with DatacloudCompany, DatacloudContact, DatacloudDandBCompany, DatacloudSocialHandle objects. These objects are Datacloud objects. Using Search API, searches are made possible in the SOQL based interface that searches the database for contacts and companies, and returns information based on the search criteria. Search API is available in following Salesforce editions,
➔ Developer Edition
➔ Professional Edition **
➔ Enterprise Edition
➔ Performance Edition

** Available via add-ons

1,000 daily calls for every Prospector license purchased in an organization. This limitation is bound to 24-hour rolling period of time. To increase number of daily calls, purchase more Prospector licenses. For example, if you purchase 5 prospector licenses, you will get 5 x 1000 calls limit for a day in an organization.

Request and Response:
Salesforce Object Query Language is used to build powerful queries to access records from for Contact and Company objects.

SELECT ContactId, LastName, FirstName, State
FROM DatacloudContact
WHERE State = ‘TN’
This API supports only one fieldExpression clause for ORDER BY. Entering more than one fieldExpression clause will cause error. Match API:
Let’s find the difference between records that are stored in Datacloud objects–Contact and Company. This API finds matching records and identifies which fields are different from your query.

The REST API for Match has two resources.

  • DatacloudContact: Returns matched data from Contacts in the database.
  • DatacloudCompany: Returns matched data from Companies in the database.

Use POST requests to match your data with records in API and Search API share the same call limitations.The Match API is available to customers who have purchased Full Clean.

The following URI are the REST URI for DatacloudContact and DatacloudCompany:

❖ instance (
❖ version information (/services/data/v30.0)
❖ resource (/match/DatacloudMatchEngine/DatacloudCompany)

The sample XML request is as follows,

The response of the API contains three parts, they are

  • errorCode – There is specific code for each and every errors. The errormessage will contains other details.
  • entities – Entities contain attributes, and each attribute contains elements. The elements contain fields.
  • matchDiffs – It contains the matched record and field value mismatches.

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