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SalesforceA Mobile Application


In our busy daily lifestyle, we all prefer to have easy and simple access to any system. To meet our preference, Salesforce introduced an effective and a productive solution, named SalesforceA, for Salesforce Administrators. Yes, now Salesforce admins don’t need to manage the user level of accessibility through their Laptop or Desktop, but rather can now easily log into a mobile application—SalesforceA—to access user records in Salesforce.

salesforceA mobile application


To access the SalesforceA mobile application, the Administrators should have ‘Manage Users’ permission. SalesforceA can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Services on your mobile. It is available for all the Android phones, IPhones, and iPads. By using this application, only Salesforce User records can be managed by Admins.

salesforceA mobile application

Accessing SalesforceA

Once you have downloaded the SalesforceA in to your mobile device, then you will see the following icon on your screen.

salesforceA mobile application salesforceA mobile application  salesforceA mobile application

Click the SalesforceA icon to log into Salesforce, by providing the username and password details as shown above. Then, it will require you to set up a verification code first time, and next you need to‘Allow’ access to allow Salesforce to access your account.

Security Perspective

Once you have entered the credentials and logged in by allowing access to the Salesforce account,SalesforceA will ask for a Verification code.

After verifying your account, SalesforceA will ask for Security Pass Code to be entered. It is a 4 digit number to be provided to enter into the SalesforceA. When you try to access SalesforceA after your equipment is idle for a certain amount of time, then you need to provide this pass code to access the application. This Pass code should be entered every time you enter in your mobile to access SalesforceA for security purposes.

salesforceA mobile application    salesforceA mobile application

SalesforceA Landing Page

When you log into SalesforceA, you will see the overall data view with Frozen users, Locked out users, Scheduled Maintenance, and Go to in the Home Page.

salesforceA mobile applicationAqf_AXbmi94Dez06E4l34FmJPdAn3B6TdZzu6W4YQOz_.jpgArhf8NPyzr6PLmjgiFymNnA5uSsqe13aIfRrZ80hqoQ9.jpg

If you click at top left corner, then you can see the available menu options and settings can be seen by scrolling down. Also, you can add another account by clicking the Add Account option. These options can be seen by clicking the drop down near your login name.

Searching Users

From the menu bar, you can click the magnifier logo and search for the users.

salesforceA mobile application

If you click on the user record, it will display the data as shown below. There are two tabs such asDetails and Related. Details tab holds the detail page view of the user record that contains Standard name, email, alias, and so on. Related tab is used to access the related list of user record that contains Permission sets and Login History.

salesforceA mobile applicationsalesforceA mobile application

Also admin can do the following operations, by clicking on the dotted options seen at the bottom right corner as shown in the following screenshot.

salesforceA mobile application

Reset password operation

Admin can reset the user’s password by searching for the user record, clicking on the user options, and clicking the ‘Reset Password’. Then, the user will receive an email about the password reset.

salesforceA mobile application

Likewise, the admin can also do other user operations such as Edit, Freeze/Unfreeze, Deactivate, Permission sets, Send Email options easily and quickly.

Rocket Launching

In SalesforceA, there is one more special option available for the admins to go to Ideas, User groups, MVP blog, Events, Answers–the main collaboration activities. This can be accessed by scrolling down to the landing Home page and clicking the ‘Hold to Launch’ option to launch the rocket to go to the collaboration events as shown in the following screenshots.

salesforceA mobile application


SalesforceA mobile application is an effective tool that enables Admins manage Salesforce User data quickly and efficiently using their mobile devices or iPads.



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