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Sandbox Enhancements – Deployment Features In Winter ’16 Release

By: Venkata

Salesforce has introduced some new features for Sandbox management in Winter ’16 release. Let’s see those Sandbox enhancement features available in Salesforce.

  1. Auto-Activate a Refreshed Sandbox:

This feature will automatically activate a refreshed sandbox without activation alert mail and manual activation steps, if ‘Auto Activate’ checkbox is checked as shown in below screenshot.

If you refresh the sandbox that you want to refresh, it will place you in the ‘Refresh Sandbox’ page where ‘Auto Activate’ checkbox resides.

  1. Users can use Manage Sandboxes with Improved Data Security:

Using Administrative Permission, ‘Manage Sandbox’, users now can create, refresh, activate and delete sandboxes without having ‘Modify All’ permission. Users can have the ‘Manage Sandbox’ permission automatically, if ‘Modify All’ is checked. This ‘Manage Sandbox’ is only a Sandbox-related permission. Below example explains how using or not using ‘Manage Sandbox’ permission works for a profile named ‘Software Engineer’.

Without checking ‘Manage Sandbox’ permission:

When a Software Engineer profile user tries to create a Sandbox without the ‘Manage Sandbox’ permission, it will not display any options to create sandbox. Also, as a standard function, the ‘Programs’ custom object has only Read permission and Salesforce won’t allow the user to edit or do anything other than ‘Read’ operation.

With checking ‘Manage Sandbox’ permission:

When the ‘Manage Sandbox’ permission is checked, it will allow the Software Engineer profile users to create and manage sandbox without impacting any other data security permissions. ‘Programs’ custom object still have ‘Read’ access alone as in below screenshot.

  1. Improved Sandbox Copy Engine for Developer and Developer Pro Sandboxes:

Developer and Developer Pro Sandboxes have now improved performance, scalability and customer success, when they are newly created. Existing sandboxes will get the above result after they are refreshed.

  1. Edit Link Removed:

Sandbox name and description cannot be changed until it gets refreshed.