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SAP Overview

By: Venkata

What and Why?

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone is running towards accomplishing some goals and has no time to wait for anything. A few decades ago, people used pen or pencil for simple mathematical calculations; then moved to electronic calculates; now heavily use iPhone and other electronic devices. So, people are more and more leaning towards readymade or pre-built solutions that would solve their problems. Likewise, now days, corporations are moving towards pre-built solutions or software; so, they don’t need to invest in developing a new solution or re-inventing the wheel. One among those software or package is the Enterprise Resource Planning tool: SAP (System, Applications, and Products).


a) SAP has predefined functionalities embedded as modules to solve the evolving business needs.

b) SAP provides solutions for the areas of Finance, Production, HR Management, and etc.

c)    While SAP has rich modules enough to meet organizations’ business requirements,   it also has the flexibility to adopt our new innovative ideas in the form of new modules and customized reports.

SAP Modules: 

To meet the organizational goals, SAP has SAP B1 and SAP R2. In this article we will focus on SAP B1 related.

Each SAP B1 module has many files that handle the flow of certain functions of the organization.

For example, “Production Module” covers the flow of

  1. Bill of Material
  1. Production Order
  1. Material Indent
  1. Material Issue
  1. Process Plan
  1. Work in Progress,   and so on.

Before we jump into the Modules, it is better to understand the flow of SAP in a typical organization. The following picture explains some of these areas:

SAP overview

Modules List on Welcome Screen

SAP overview

Particularly, the “Sales Quotation” is under the module of Sales- A/R, and it has the structure as follows:

SAP overview

Here, we create a Quote for a customer with the line items, quantity and price. After Functional, Technical Discussions and Review Meetings, this quotation is confirmed and sent to the customer.

Likewise, other modules like Finance, Production and Purchase also look pretty as well as cover all necessary business aspects of any organization.

SAP Reports

To see the purchase details or Sales achievement or items in stock and etc., we need an instant and dynamic report. There are lot of in-built report functionalities available in SAP and also we can generate our own reports like inventory report.

Sales Analysis Report can be generated as below.

SAP overview

Chart of Accounts

SAP overview

Crystal Report Viewer – This tool is used in generating crystal reports in SAP.

SAP overview

User Query in SAP

Using this feature, we can customize our report by creating our own user query.