The title Scriptless Testing itself conveys the idea of running the test plan without code or script –which is codeless testing used during regression

Basically, script-less testing is based on the automation category, which could be achieved by using tools, like frameworks. 


When the Tester performs the actions and uses features of the module in the system, the tool records the actions wisely. Instead of tester writing scripts, the tool will record the actions and prepare the Test Scripts. Basically, the tool will be recording the UI of the screen. 

For example, assuming the result page: 

Login à Enter valid Registration Number / Name in the given fields à Click on the ‘get result button’ à Result for the registered number à click on the ‘download’ button. 

These are the sample actions performed by the Tester which would be recorded and will generate scripts by the tool. 


Each tool has been designed with certain limitations. Likewise, the script-less testing tool has also been designed with some limitations. It may not cover the following while testing / recording the actions: 

o   Captcha 

o   Barcodes 

o   Moving Images 

In some rare cases, complex scripts are generated slightly differently, but these are not the major limitations as compared to all the tools involved in these steps during testing. 


  • As discussed in the introduction section, script-less tools will be evaluated as ‘No-Code’ generating. 
  • Scripts can be generated and exported using Appium. 
  • Based on the recordings and generated scripts, end-to-end testing will be performed without any glitches. 
  • Improves the quality of the testing. 
  • Testing can be done time efficiently. 
  • Cutting down the cost. 
  • Tools include conditional checks such as “else, else-if, if”.  
  • Some of the script-less testing tools allow the user to validate using different browsers. 


Some of the tools explained below for basic understanding: 

Cerberus Testing 

This tool is open-source and low-cost on supporting the mobile, database, etc. Testing based on scheduling had been involved in this tool. Parallel execution can also be possible and fast reporting. 


This tool is the fastest way of script-less testing for Mobile tests. Involves automated test case generation. Tests can be done on both Android and iOS devices. 

Selenium IDE 

This tool is commonly known and open source. Used widely by most organizations. This tool is best for startup-based organizations. This tool supports cross-browser testing. It allows us to customize and reuse the test cases. 

Avo Assure 

This tool is nearly 100% coverage for codeless scripts to automate. Involves, enabling accessibility testing. Less time-deliverability with generating up-to-date reports. 


This tool performed without a code need be written even in complex action. Automates the test scripts and generates them with the absolute reports. Improvised testing deliverability. 

Test Complete 

This tool is based on GUI that tests every desktop, web, and mobile application as well as without a code need to be written even in complex action.  

More Website-based, and open source-based tools are available widely which suits smaller as well as larger organizations.  


Tools used to store the objects or elements for further reusable on different project test scripts. For the Testing team, it would be better to have knowledge with inspecting locators, so that it would be easy to interact with if any test scripts issues. 

 For each test step, script-less testing provides a solution with reference to ‘human-readable’ named objects. As a non-technical like end users, they need not know how to locate the button on the page etc., instead of providing information like ‘Log into the page’. 

Moving forward, script-less testing tools have an in-built mechanism for auto-corrections and suggestion modifications. 

One main advantage is the locators of the element would be automatically updated.  


As we know, the test sequence may occur further for another module with the same steps that need to proceed again. It can be used as reusable keywords in script-less testing tools. The Script-less testing tool helps to provide the ability to reduce the step definitions which are seemed to be common sequences. 

If the sequences need to be updated, that can be done in one place instead of updating multiple places. 


Setting and maintaining the test environments will be a difficult task while the scripts need to be run; this consumes a large amount of valuable timing. This could be easily handled by the script-less testing tool. 

Users need to verify using various browsers / multi-browser for cross-browser testing. it is very important to verify the system using this testing as the test scripts were automated using the tool. 


Tests are defined, executed in one central place. Now, we have unified execution reports that are consistent across tests for all the applications we test. 

The Script-less tool includes all relevant metrics or data like (assertions, broken steps, execution timing/duration, failures, logs, test data used, etc.). Ability to step into the actual execution of the test, ideally in an interactive video format. There is consistency in the reporting streamlines communication channel between Development, QA, and the business. 


  • Reporting and quick response could be achieved using these script-less testing tools in which the generated scripts could be easily traceable and easy to main that could be reuse. 
  • Nearly 90% of the tools will manage without allowing the testers to write the test scripts. Open-source tools are widely available. 
  • Effectively more advantage on Regression testing and could also be applicable for Smoke as well as User Acceptance Testing. 
  • These tools help to automate the generated scripts as fast as possible; so that for tester, it helps to save time. So that, once automated, bugs and issues could be found easily in time. 
  • Script-less testing could be more beneficial for non-technical persons to understand the report as well as automate the scripts. 


The following mentioned link are regarding sample tools for script-less testing, 


Script-less Testing can be done on any project in an organization that requires automation by a non-technical team or testers who find it difficult to generate test scripts for future use like regression testing. 

The team which requires to test without code lines scripts could easily approach these kinds of tools which help without any glitches but need to concentrate manually while the application flow reaches complex actions. 

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