Slack and Salesforce Integration


Slack is one of the Communicating tool/channels used by more than 750,000 companies of all sizes. It’s not a matter how your teams work together. Slack always maps to how your company is organised and scales with your business irrespective of your team size either big or small. 

Slack suits the best work of a few of the world’s popular companies like IBM, Moody’s, Conde Nast, and E-Trade and it is the only collaboration product that can support up to 500,000 people. 

 Will Slack and Salesforce be Integrated? 

Yes, it’s possible to integrate Slack and Salesforce together. As per the Slack Application Directory, it features more than 2,500 apps that are ready to use integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Heroku and Quip. 

Customers can also use Slack API, which saves time and automate repetitive tasks to build custom integrations that connect to other Salesforce services. 

It is expected that soon Slack will be deeply integrated with every Salesforce cloud. As the new system of engagement for Salesforce Customer 360, including our best-in-class apps –Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, Slack will transform how people communicate, collaborate, and act on customer information across Salesforce and all their other business applications and systems. 

Type of Teams that are a good fit for Slack and Salesforce: 

Irrespective of size or industry, Salesforce and Slack can flex to meet the needs of any organization. While we can support one team or department, the real magic happens when your entire organization is leveraging the same technology. This allows your teams to come together across various/respective departments to bring in the right people for a project, share data & information and turn conversations into the decisions and actions that drive the business forward. 

How to connect Salesforce + Slack? 

No Code is required to send information between Salesforce and Slack. Using AppExchange on one click, it will be set up automatically. 

Slack and Salesforce integration for Sales: 

  1. Click the Salesforce AppExchange link 
  1. Search on “Salesforce for Slack” (Salesforce for Slack – Unlock collaboration across sales and service)  
  1. Click the [Get It Now] button 
  1. Select your respective Salesforce Account. It also provides the option to test this package in copy of a production org. 
  1. Accept the terms and conditions and click the [Confirm and Install] button 
  1. Select any one option to Install the Slack for Admins Only/All Users/ Specific Profiles. 
  1. Approve Third-Party Access and enable “Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites” checkbox and click the [Continue] button. 
  1. User will be redirected to Installed Packages page and ensure the “Slack” package is displayed there. 

Slack Setup: 

On the Setup, click on [Slack Setup], User will be navigated to the below Slack Setup page to complete the following 5 levels of Configuration 

  • System Connections: Manage and implement the connection between Slack & Salesforce 
  • Enable Custom Objects: Enable your custom objects in Salesforce to be used with Slack 
  • Custom Alerts: Create and Configure custom alerts to be sent to Slack from Salesforce 
  • Org Configuration: Customize how and where Slack lives in your organization 
  • Automation Configuration: Configure Message Destinations to be used with the “Send to Slack invocable” method in Process Builder and Flows 

Once done with all 5 levels of Configuration, user should navigate to Salesforce (Legacy) page for Adding Slack to Salesforce and perform the below operations. 

Salesforce (Legacy) 

If user is already using the upgraded version, complete the below three steps to GET STARTED or else, click on upgrade to the latest version. 

Now, the user can see [Salesforce] App integrated with their Slack Account. 

Home Page: 

Get Alerts: 

Navigate to Home page and click on [Set up My Alerts] which will provide the list of objects alerts when a record is assigned to you. Click on [Submit] button 

Conclusion: Use Salesforce and Slack together to manage your client service and deals channel on sales pipeline to make the business operations efficient.  

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