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Sublime Text 3 with MavensMate for Development

MavensMate with Sublime Text 3 provides more user friendly and an awesome environment to work with The installation Package is 10 MB only, but the installation can be complete in a few seconds. Sublime Text 3 Support Auto completion of code which lets you complete your coding faster. Using sublime Text 3, you can write a new file to your project or make changes to your existing code which will automatically sync with your salesforce environment with the help of MavensMate, but you need a MavensMate Desktop to work with

MavensMate Desktop

MavensMate is an open source tool which lets you develop your project using sublime Text 3. MavensMate desktop App can be easily installed in your system and make you to get connected with Salesforce environment.

Mavensmate App working with

Let’s start to work with Sublime Text 3 and MavensMate.


1) Install Sublime text 3

2) Install Mavens Desktop (Download [Symbol] MavensMate-Desktop-Setup-0.0.11-beta.6-ia32.exe)

3) Salesforce Developer Account

Sublime Text 3 Setup

1. Download and install Sublime text 3 on your system.

2. Open Sublime Text 3 to install the package control. Go to the link given below and copy the content highlighted.

How to install Sublime Text 3 with


From the top menu, go to view [Symbol] Show Console and paste the content in the console (bottom of the page); then click Enter to run it.


You can view Package Control by clicking Preferences [Symbol] Package Control.

3. Now it’s time to Install MavensMate in Sublime Text 3.

From the top menu, go to the preferences [Symbol] Select Package Control and type install package.

Install Mavensmate in Sublime Text 3

The package will run and show an output Window [Symbol] type mavensmate and select mavensmate to run in your sublime Text 3.


Now, the MavensMate is added to your menu at the top.

4. Install Mavens Desktop (Download [Symbol] MavensMate-Desktop-Setup-0.0.11-beta.6-ia32.exe)

To use MavensMate in sublime Text 3, you need Mavens Desktop in your system. Download and install MavensDesktop in your system.

MavensMate Desktop App

5.Create Project

From the top menu in Sublime Text 3 Click MavensMate [Symbol] Project [Symbol] New Project. MavensMate Desktop will open in your system, then select your Salesforce Environment Type (here I used my salesforce developer Account) and click Connect.

Mavensmate Desktop

It will take you to the Salesforce developer login page. Enter your Username and Password to log in.

Allow the MavensMate to access your Salesforce Information.

Provide the Project Details which include workspace and Project Name. Here I named my project as “DemoProject”.

Select the advanced metadata, if needed.

Select the metadata in which you are going to work. Then, click Create Project.