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Summer 14 Salesforce Service Cloud Console Features

In Summer 14 release, Salesforce provides the following features in Service Cloud Console.

Related List as Console Components
Now, we can add related lists to Sidebar by a few clicks. So, we can avoid the scrolling to reach the related lists in console. If, needed we can hide the related list in detail page.


Clear Interaction Log
By clicking the Clear Log button, we can immediately remove notes and subject from the Interaction Log.


Add Milestone Tracker as a Salesforce Console Component
Now, Agents can know how much time they have until their milestones are due or how overdue the milestone is if its target date has passed.


The milestone tracker is available for case page layouts in organizations that have enabled entitlement management. We can add it from Custom Console Components link in the page layout editor.

Saved User Sessions Include Multi Components
Multi components that appear during user’s session appear again when users refresh their browsers, log out and log back in to Salesforce, and Close and open browser tabs. Administrators must select “Save User Sessions” on a Console.

Limited Support for Right-to-Left Languages
A Salesforce console offers new support for right-to-left languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew. Right-to-Left languages are not fully supported. Some features might not display as expected in console.


New Look for Lookup Components
Now, Look up can be added to sidebar in Console. You have an option to add Look up to sidebar using Custom Console Components in Page Layout Editor.


Salesforce has many new Service Cloud Console features to Summer 14 release, and all these features together improve the productivity of an organization as well as the usability of Salesforce.